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Nancy Cavanaugh


Nancy Cavanaugh

Nancy J. Cavanaugh has a BS in education and an MA in curriculum and instruction with multiple published works. She was a teacher for more than fifteen years and currently works as a Library Media Specialist at an elementary school. Nancy lives in Tarpon Springs, FL with her husband and daughter.

Nancy Cavanaugh

Books by Nancy Cavanaugh

by Nancy Cavanaugh - Children's 8-12, Fiction, Friendship, Historical Fiction
When you have six older siblings, it's pretty hard to stand out. But that's not going to stop Elsie Mae from trying. So when she finds out that her community's beloved Okefenokee Swamp is being threatened by a shipping company, Elsie Mae writes a letter to President Roosevelt. She's pretty confident it will save the swamp and make her a hometown hero. Then, Elsie Mae gets word of some hog bandits stealing from swamper families, and she sees an opportunity to make her family proud while waiting to hear back from the White House.
by Nancy Cavanaugh - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Friendship

Who eats Cheetos with chopsticks?! Avery and Becca, my "Chinese Sisters," that's who. We're not really sisters-we were just adopted from the same orphanage. And we're nothing alike. They like egg rolls, and I like pizza. They're wave around Chinese fans, and I pretend like I don't know them. Which is not easy since we're all going to summer camp to "bond." We have to journal about our time at camp so the adoption agency can do some kind of "where are they now" newsletter. I'll tell you where I am: At Camp Little Big Lake in a cabin with five other girls who aren't getting along, competing for a camp trophy and losing (badly).

by Nancy Cavanaugh - Fiction

Abigail and her two best friends are poised for a life of pom-poms and popularity. But not only does Abigail end up in a different homeroom, she doesn't make the squad. Then everyone's least favorite teacher pairs Abigail up with the school's biggest outcast, Gabby Marco, for a year-long "Friendly Letter Assignment." Abigail can hardly believe her bad luck. As her so-called best friends and entire future of popularity seems to be slipping away, Abigail has to choose between the little bit of fame she has left or letting it go to be a true friend.