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Archives - August 2008

Interview: Megan McDonald, author of Judy Moody Goes to College

Aug 1, 2008's Terry Miller Shannon recently spoke with Megan McDonald, author of the popular and long-running Judy Moody series. In this interview, McDonald describes how she came up with some of the innovative games and ideas from the series's latest installment, JUDY MOODY GOES TO COLLEGE, and discusses the real-life counterpart to her rambunctious main character. She also explains how she is able to accurately capture the voices of children from a wide range of ages, recalls how her very first book was published, and shares details about her latest project --- a sequel to her novel THE SISTERS CLUB.

Interview: Jeff Smith, author of Bone Prequel: Rose

Aug 1, 2008

Artist and author Jeff Smith is the creator of the Bone series, which has been hailed as one of the 10 greatest graphic novels of all time. In this interview with Contributing Editor John Hogan, Smith recalls some of the early roadblocks he encountered while attempting to get his work published and muses on the appeal of the series to a wide range of audiences. He also explains how --- with its overall story spanning 1,300 pages --- he was able to keep his plot lines straight, discusses the inspiration behind some of the characters' kooky names and shares what he's working on now that the Bone epic has been completed.