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Archives - April 2012

Interview: Donna Gephart, author of Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen

Apr 27, 2012

Donna Gephart’s third novel, OLIVIA BEAN, TRIVIA QUEEN, is about a girl determined to get on “Jeopardy!” Her father left the family two years before and is living in California, the same state where Olivia would go to tape the program. If she makes it on the game show, will this also give her a chance to patch things up with her dad? Answering trivia questions is easy compared to dealing with all the issues a 12-year-old has to face. In this interview, conducted by’s Danica Davidson, Gephart talks about the creation of Olivia, explains how she got into writing middle-grade books, and reveals if she’d ever go on “Jeopardy!” herself.

Interview: Janet Foxley, author of Muncle Trogg

Apr 8, 2012

Janet Foxley’s debut novel, MUNCLE TROGG, tells the story of a giant who doesn’t fit in with the other giants because he is too small. But soon it will be up to him to save the giants’ home, Mount Grumble. In this interview, conducted by’s Donna Volkennant, Foxley shares her inspiration for writing the book and why she chose giants as her main characters. She also talks about her unique Internet presence, gives advice to aspiring writers, and provides a glimpse into the next Muncle Trogg adventure.