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Archives - January 2014

Interview: Jimmy Gownley, author of The Dumbest Idea Ever!

Jan 29, 2014

For Jimmy Gownley, life after AMELIA RULES! looks a lot like life before it. Gownley ended his much-beloved YA graphic novel series after 2012’s HER PERMANENT RECORD, and now he’s back with a brand-new book, THE DUMBEST IDEA EVER! In this one, he draws on his own personal experience, detailing his difficult transition from grade school --- where he was tops in his class, both academically and on the basketball court --- to high school, where illness and increased academic pressures took their toll. Gownley’s solution to his falling social status?

Interview: Maira Kalman, author of Thomas Jefferson: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Everything

Jan 6, 2014

Everyone knows that Thomas Jefferson did some extraordinary things for the United States --- he was a Founding Father, the principle writer of The Declaration of Independence and the third President. But did you know that he also played violin three hours every day, collected everything from maps to Native American artifacts and loved growing vegetables in his garden, especially peas? We didn’t! Maira Kalman explores all sides of this fascinating man in her gorgeous new picture book THOMAS JEFFERSON: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Everything, including his interests, his contributions to the United States and even his monumental flaws. In this interview, Maira takes us behind the scenes and talks about her influential visit to Jefferson’s Virginia mansion, Monticello, some of her artistic decisions, and the one question she’d ask Jefferson, given the chance. Read on!