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Archives - August 2014

Interview: Joel N. Clark, author of Jack Staples and the Ring of Time

Aug 26, 2014

What would you do if you suddenly learned that almost the entire population was born with scales over their eyes, preventing them from seeing the world as it really is? And not only are you one of the few scaleless, but you and your best friend are also destined to both save the world and destroy it...whatever that means!

That's exactly what 11-year-old Jack Staples has to figure out In JACK STAPLES AND THE RING OF TIME, the first book in the Jack Staples series by Joel N. Clark and Mark Batterson. Below, Joel tells Kidsreads about the inspiration for the series, what to expect in the later books and what time period he'd visit if he could travel through time and space!


Interview: Liz Pichon, author of Tom Gates: The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

Aug 11, 2014

Tom Gates loves to write and doodle, and his school notebook is evidence --- along with class notes you'll find him brainstorming band names, drawing not-so-nice pictures of his moody older sister and dreamily sketching his favorite dessert: caramel wafers.

As it turns out, Tom's creator, Liz Pichon, loves art just as much --- not only did she hand-write the font for THE BRILLIANT WORLD OF TOM GATES and make every picture, but she even draws and paints on her own clothes! 

Read our interview with Liz --- which we conducted in-person at the BookExpo America conference at the end of May --- to learn more about Tom, her writing and drawing and process, and her truly "brilliant" fashion choices.