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Archives - September 2015

Interview: Ali Benjamin, author of The Thing About Jellyfish

Sep 3, 2015

Next time you're at a museum, a zoo, an aquarium or any kind of cultural institution, pay might just find the thing that sparks the idea for a book! That's what happened to debut novelist Ali Benjamin  --- she was visiting the JELLIES exhibit at the New England Aquarium and couldn't get the haunting, translucent creatures out of her head. Eventualy, they became a very prominent theme in her new middle grade novel THE THING ABOUT JELLYFISH, in which Suzy, a seventh grader, is determined to prove that her best friend died from a rare jellyfish sting. 

Find out more about THE THING ABOUT JELLYFISH in our interview with Ali below, along with the cool thing about "quirk theory," what Ali wished she knew about science as a kid and why she has a hard time choosing her own favorite sea creatures.