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Archives - October 2015

Interview: Devon Hughes, author of Unnaturals: The Battle Begins

Oct 5, 2015

Do you spend a lot of time with certain people or animals --- maybe your best friend, your younger brother or your pet rats? Well, if you’re anything like Devon Hughes, those companions might affect your future novel --- Devon spent so much time with her dog and Tabby cat that she started to think like them, and before she knew it, she was writing a book about a team of mutant animals!

Below, Devon tells us all about the protagonists of her new series Unnaturals, which begins when a stray dog, Castor, is kidnapped, injected with a serum that makes him grow wings and is forced to fight other “Unnaturals” in a ring --- as well as the most fun scene to write, some hints about the next book in the series and her own favorite creatures. Read the full interview, below, and be sure to crack open the first book, today!