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Archives - February 2017

Interview: Scott Seegert, author of Sci-Fi Junior High

Feb 21, 2017

Junior high can be a weird and wacky time for any kid, but just imagine what it would be like if you went to school in space! Kelvin Klosmo is not only the new kid at his junior high --- he's the new kid in the galaxy! As the son of Earth's two most famous geniuses, Kelvin is under a lot of pressure to become the star of his school. But what if he's not quite as smart as his genius parents? In SCI-FI JUNIOR HIGH by Scott Seegert and John Martin, Kelvin learns about friendship, acceptance and, of course, space! Full of laughs and out-of-this-world entertainment, this book is an instant hit. In celebration of the release of SCI-FI JUNIOR HIGH,'s Dana Cuadrado asked Scott and John a few questions about how they worked together to write the book, their scientific research and what's next for Kelvin Klosmo.