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Nicholas O. Time


Nicholas O. Time

At 110 years old, Nicholas O. Time is a retired physics professor and the oldest player in the North American United Soccer League. He built his first time machine when he was twelve, successfully sending his pet mouse back to the Stone Age. Unfortunately, a glitch in the machine caused the mouse to clone upon return. After several trials, Nick’s parents destroyed the machine and adopted a thirty-pound feline named Barney to address the growing rodent problem. Nick and his wife, Rose Maryann, have one son, Justin.

Nicholas O. Time

Books by Nicholas O. Time

by Nicholas O. Time - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Science Fiction, Youth Fiction

When class clown, Kai Mori, gets an opportunity to travel back in time, he’s ready to make a big splash! He and his crush, Maria, dive straight into turn-of-the-century Hawaii to meet Kai’s great-great-aunt Akemi, his first relative to emigrate from Japan. But when bad guy, Tim Raveltere, follows them through time, it’s up to Kai to use his quick wit for more than just making Maria laugh. Will Kai save the day or will his great plans bellyflop as badly as his comedy routines? Join Kai and Maria in the latest wacky time travel adventure from Sands Middle School!

by Nicholas O. Time - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Humor, Science Fiction

When Ava Larsen gets the chance to travel back in time, she knows exactly where she wants to go --- back to 1991, when her mom had a chance to move to Hollywood. Ava is sure if she lived in Hollywood, she could be a star! But when the time-traveling Book of Memories sends her back to 1891 instead, it’s less of a dream and more of a nightmare. No Internet, no texting and how will she ever survive without her video games and reality TV shows? Ava is not the type of girl to “rough it” --- she needs to get back to the present, and fast!

by Nicholas O. Time - Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction


“Graceless Grace” is the smartest seventh grader at Sands Middle School, but she’s constantly being teased for stumbling over doorjambs and knocking over lunch trays. And lately, the name-calling has been even worse. So when Ms. Tremt offers to lend THE BOOK OF MEMORIES to Grace for an extended trip, she decides to go completely out of this world. She travels back to 1969 to stow away on Apollo 11 and become the first kid, the first female, and maybe even the first person to walk on the moon. 

by Nicholas O. Time - Children's, Children's 8-12, Humor, Science Fiction, Youth Fiction
When librarian Valerie Tremt gives student Luis Ramirez a chance to go back in time. He plans to go back to 1696 and see exactly where Captain William Kidd left buried treasure and then return to the spot and retrieve it.  But when he returns from his time traveling adventure without any treasure, he is inconsolable. His older brother Rafael doesn’t believe he time traveled at all. Luis decides there’s only one way to convince him. He brings The Book of Memories home to show Rafael, despite Ms. Tremt’s warning that the book is never to leave the library without her permission. Luis ignores her warning --- after all, it’s just a book. What could possibly go wrong?
by Nicholas O. Time - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Science Fiction

Jada doesn’t want to go anywhere special. All she wants to do is go back to last week and study for the spelling test she failed to make her parents happy. Ms. Tremt says Jada can use THE BOOK OF MEMORIES to go back a week, but Jada ends up in 1977 instead! Jada finds herself in the designer’s studio where her Aunt Katie is an intern. She watches as Katie learns just how important spelling can be. Later, Jada decides to make a quick trip to ancient Egypt to get some fashion tips from Cleopatra. But being in the past is so thrilling that Jada almost misses the deadline to return home.

by Nicholas O. Time - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Science Fiction

Librarian Valerie Tremt tells three students that one of the library books, THE BOOK OF MEMORIES, is actually a time travel portal. Now that he can time travel, 12-year-old Matt knows exactly where he wants to go. His grandfather Joe was on the path to becoming a major league baseball player until he slipped and fell into the pool and hurt his ankle. The injury turned out to be a career-ending one. Matt wants to go back in time to prevent the accident from ever occurring, so his grandfather can have the career he deserved! But can he successfully alter his grandfather’s past without changing his own future?