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Paula Danziger


Paula Danziger

In Memoriam

Well-renowned children's author Paula Danziger passed away on July 8, 2004, following complications arising from a heart attack in June. She was 59.

Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in New York, Danziger knew since the second grade that she wanted to be a writer. Throughout her career, she wrote a collection of children's stories, including THE CAT ATE MY GYMSUIT, THE DIVORCE EXPRESS and, more recently, the Amber Brown series.

Danziger loved to travel and meet young kids all over the world. She was embraced by her audience for her ability to relate to children through the characters in her stories. She was often known for "borrowing" children (only the ones she knew) for her inspiration. The Amber Brown character was conceived during one of her trips with her niece.

Danziger was also the recipient of numerous literary awards, including the Children's Choice Award from the International Reading Association and the 2003 Garden State Children's Book Award. She spent most of her time in New York City and London, England.

She is survived by a brother, three nephews, and a niece. The Amber Brown Fund has been set up in memory of her. Donations for this fund will be used to allow authors and illustrators to speak at local schools and libraries.

Paula Danziger

Books by Paula Danziger

by Paula Danziger, Bruce Coville, and Elizabeth Levy - Family Life, Fiction, Youth Fiction
Now that Amber’s mom and Max are married, the three of them are moving to a new house and Amber is worried about more than just packing. How can she leave the home her dad used to live in? And with her dad dating again, how will they ever find time for just the two of them, like they used to?