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Peter Jay Black


Peter Jay Black

Peter Jay Black loves gadgets, films, and things that make him laugh so hard he thinks he might pass out. He went to an arts university and a career in IT followed. One day, a team of super-skilled kids popped into his head and he brought them to life in a Hollywood apartment. In his spare time, Peter enjoys collecting unusual artifacts like Neolithic Arrow Heads, Ancient Egyptian Rings, and Fossilised Dinosaur Poo.

Books by Peter Jay Black

by Peter Jay Black - Science Fiction, Thriller, Young Adult 10+
Deep beneath the city live five extraordinary kids: world-famous hacker Jack, gadget geek Charlie, free runner Slink, communications chief Obi, and decoy expert Wren. Orphans bonded over their shared sense of justice, the kids have formed the Urban Outlaws, a group dedicated to outsmarting criminals and handing out their stolen money through Random Acts of Kindness (R.A.K.s). But the kids find themselves in serious trouble when they're caught in an epic battle to control Proteus, a genius super-computer. Proteus can crack any code in the world-and steal top-secret documents in nanoseconds. It's down to the Urban Outlaws to use their guile, guts, and skill to destroy the computer, avert world domination . . . and stay alive.