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Priscilla Burris


Priscilla Burris

Priscilla Burris always loved drawing and art. She attended the Fashion Instituted of Design and Merchandising. She loves illustrating books for children.

Priscilla Burris

Books by Priscilla Burris

written by Wanda Coven with illustrations by Priscilla Burris - Children's 5-9, Comedy, Fantasy, Fiction, Friendship, Magic, Performing Arts

Brewster Elementary School is going to have its very own weekly news program, and there will be a talent contest to find the perfect student host. Melanie Maplethorpe thinks she is destined to be the star of the show, but not if Heidi can help it. With a little magic from her Book of Spells, Heidi instantly becomes famous at her school, but is 15 minutes of fame enough to make her the right person for the job?

Written by Wanda Coven with illustrations by Priscilla Burris - Children's 5-9, Family, Fiction
When Mom asks for help cleaning the house, Heidi takes her magic a little too far. After all, who really wants to deal with all that dust, dirt, and grime? Not Heidi, that’s who! So she creates a cleaning helper named Dusty to do her dirty work. There’s only one problem: Dusty isn’t the most careful cleaner, and when he accidentally breaks Mom’s favorite vase, Heidi gets so totally grounded.
Written by Wanda Coven with illustrations by Priscilla Burris - Children's 5-9, Fiction, Sports

It’s time to sign up for sports at school and Heidi is excited (and a little nervous) to find the perfect fit. Lucy is great at soccer. Bruce is great at baseball. Heidi, well, the only thing she’s great at is being awful at every sport she plays! Can Heidi shake off her slump with a little magic or will Melanie’s teasing make her throw in the towel for good?

Written by Juli Brenning with illustrations by Priscilla Burris - Children's, Children's 3-5, Friendship, Youth Fiction
Maggi is an irrepressible girl with an equally awesome best friend: her dog, Milo. So when Mom suggests a day at the park with other kids, Maggi isn't sure. All she needs is Milo, afer all. But off to the playground they go --- only to find that no dogs are allowed! Maggi wants to stay behind, but the other kids are having so much fun that...she decides to go in. Before long, she has a whole group of new friends and all of them want to try walking Milo. But first, they have to find a family of rollie-pollies, complete a treasure hunt and build a pirate ship. 
by Isabelle Busath, Isabella Thordsen, and Priscilla Burris - Friendship
Ten-year-old Isabelle and her eight-year-old cousin Isabella have a few tips for living life. Well, maybe more than a few. Begun as a guide for Isabelle’s younger sister, the girls’ list quickly grew, and soon more than 150 rules filled a secret notebook. Because after all, who doesn’t need a little help navigating their way through life, at any age?