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Ronald L. Smith


Ronald L. Smith

Ronald L. Smith grew up on Air Force bases and lived in Japan, Maine, Alabama, Michigan, South Carolina, Delaware, Washington, DC, Illinois and a bunch of other places he doesn’t remember. After reading Ray Bradbury’s R IS FOR ROCKET and Eleanor Cameron’s WONDERFUL FLIGHT TO THE MUSHROOM PLANET as a kid, he fell in love with books. He hasn’t stopped reading since.

After working in advertising for over 20 years, he now writes books full-time.

Books by Ronald L. Smith

by Ronald L. Smith - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Comic Books, Fiction, Superhero , Youth Fiction

Life is comfortable for 12-year-old T'Challa in his home of Wakanda, a technologically advanced African nation. When he's not learning how to rule a kingdom from his father, the reigning Black Panther, he's off breaking rules with his best friend, M'Baku. But then his father announces that he's sending T'Challa and M'Baku to South Side Middle School in the heart of Chicago. Despite being given a high-tech suit and a Vibranium ring in case of an emergency, T'Challa realizes he might not be equipped to handle life in America, especially when it comes to hiding his identity as the prince of a powerful nation, and avoiding Gemini, a classmate who is rumored to be involved in dark magic.

by Ronald L. Smith - Children's 10-12, Family, Fiction, Horror, Paranormal

Thirteen-year-old Jessamine Grace and her mother make a living as sham spiritualists—until they discover that Jess is a mesmerist and that she really can talk to the dead. Soon she is plunged into the dark world of Victorian London’s supernatural underbelly and learns that the city is under attack by ghouls, monsters and spirit summoners. As shy, proper Jess transforms into a brave warrior, she uncovers terrifying truths about the hidden battle between good and evil, about her family and about herself. 

by Ronald L. Smith - Children's 10-12, Fairy Tale, Historical Fiction

Twelve-year-old Hoodoo Hatcher was born into a family with a rich tradition of practicing folk magic. But even though his name is Hoodoo, he can't seem to cast a simple spell.  When a mysterious man called the Stranger comes to town, Hoodoo starts dreaming of the dead rising from their graves. Even worse, he soon learns the Stranger is looking for a boy…named Hoodoo.