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Sally Derby


Sally Derby

SALLY DERBY is the author of numerous children's books. Several of her most popular books are family stories told from a spot-on childlike point of view. Derby and her husband live in Cincinnati, Ohio. They have many grown children, and loads of grandchildren, and even a great grandchild.

Sally Derby

Books by Sally Derby

written by Sally Derby with illustrations by Sean Qualls - Biography, Poetry, Youth Fiction

Did you know that Paul Laurence Dunbar originated such famous lines as "I know why the caged bird sings" and "We wear the mask that grins and lies"? From his childhood in poverty and his early promise as a poet to his immense fame and his untimely death, Dunbar’s story is one of triumph and tragedy. But his legacy remains in his much-beloved poetry --- told in both Standard English and in dialect --- which continues to delight and inspire readers today. More than two dozen of Dunbar’s poems are woven throughout this volume, illuminating the phases of his life and serving as examples of dialect, imagery and tone. 

written by Sally Derby, illustrated by Shadra Strickland - Picture

Sunday nights are special for Evie and Grandma. That's when they go on their weekly shopping spree. Grandma flips open the newspaper to see what’s advertised, and the imaginary tour of neighborhood stores begins. Toting a wallet filled with colorful pretend bills, Evie and Grandma take turns "buying" whatever catches their fancy. A big chunk of ham, a “sofa with a secret,” and a dress with spangles are just a few of the treasures they “purchase.”