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Simon James


Simon James

Simon’s first book, THE DAY JAKE VACUUMED, was published in 1989 --- and two more books about Jake soon followed. His first title for Walker Books, MY FRIEND WHALE, was the first of several concerned with a child’s relationship with the natural world --- DEAR GREENPEACE, SALLY AND THE LIMPET, THE WILD WOODS and THE BIRDWATCHERS have established Simon as one of the country’s leading author/illustrators.

Simon James

Books by Simon James

by Simon James - Children's, Family, Fiction

Once upon about 65 million years ago, a terrifying tyrannosaurus roams the earth. He spends his days raging through the jungle, scaring every other dinosaur in sight with his fierce roar. Then, one night while he is sleeping, an abandoned egg cracks open and out pops a tiny dinosaur who decides right then and there that this scary tyrannosaurus is his father. And so begins the touching story of a little dino and his search for a dad --- a tale sure to resonate with families of all stripes.

by Simon James - Children's 4-8, Family, Humor

It’s never too early to start bringing up the smartest baby in the whole world. So thinks the expectant Mrs. Brains, who reads to the baby inside her tummy every night and plays music and language tapes to her baby during the day. And soon enough, Mr. and Mrs. Brains have their very own Baby Brains! He reads the paper, fixes the family car, and works as a doctor in the local hospital. Now even the space program is calling on him. Is there anything Baby Brains can’t do?

by Simon James - Children's, Fiction

Leon spends his time with his imaginary friend Bob, whom no one else can see, but when a new boy the same age as Leon moves in next door, Bob suddenly disappears, leaving Leon feeling insecure and nervous about making friends with his new neighbor.