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Steve Breen


Steve Breen

Steve Breen received his degree in political science from the University of California at Riverside. He became the editorial cartoonist for the Asbury Park Press and was later hired by the San Diego Union-Tribune. Steve is a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize and has also won the Berryman Award, the Thomas Nast Award, the Fischetti Award, and the National Headliner Award. His other books include STICK, VIOLET THE PILOT, THE SECRET OF SANTA'S ISLAND, and PUG & DOUG.

In his free time, Steve enjoys running, reading, playing the guitar and making waffles for his six kids. He and his family live in San Diego County, where there are, sadly, few woodpeckers.

Steve Breen

Books by Steve Breen

by Steve Breen - Children's 4-8, Picture

By the time she's two years old, Violet Van Winkle can fix nearly any appliance in the house. And by eight she's building elaborate flying machines from scratch --- mind-boggling contraptions such as the Tubbubbler, the Bicycopter, and the Wing-a-ma-jig. The kids at school tease her, but they have no idea what she's capable of. Maybe she could earn their respect by winning the blue ribbon in the upcoming Air Show. Or maybe something even better will happen --- something involving her best-ever invention, a Boy Scout troop in peril, and even the mayor himself!

by Steve Breen - Children's 3-5, Fiction, Humor

Henry McHenry is one messy rhino, but he tries his best to stay clean for a very important day. He jumps over a mud puddle (and splashes his friend), passes on a gooey jelly donut (just in time for a glob to land on his neighbor) and even manages to shake the ink from his leaky pen (all over his classmates).  And while Henry is still neat and tidy at the end of the day, his classmates are anything but...

by Steve Breen - Children's, Humor

One day Benny the woodpecker awakens to the best tummy-rumbling smell ever and discovers it’s something called waffles. He must taste them!

He pecks on the door of the waffle house, but he gets the boot.

He tries to sneak in, but he gets swept away.

Each time Benny tries, he just can’t seem to get to those delicious waffles. The other forest animals laugh at him: “Woodpeckers don’t eat waffles!” they say. But Benny has a brilliant plan...