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Sue Cornelison


Sue Cornelison

Sue Cornelison has illustrated several books for children, including YOU'RE WEARING THAT TO SCHOOL?!; THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS IN IOWA; INCH AND MILE: THE JOURNEY TO SUCCESS: and the Howard B. Wigglebottom Series. She studied art at Drake University in Iowa and the International School of Studio Art in Florence, Italy. She married jazz musician Ross Cornelison and together they rasied a family of six children in a small rural town while fixing up a 100-year-old Victorian house.

Sue Cornelison

Books by Sue Cornelison

Written by Doug Kuntz and Amy Shrodes. Illustrated by Sue Cornelison. - Animals , Children's 4-8, Family Life

When an Iraqi family is forced to flee their home, they can’t bear to leave their beloved cat, Kunkush, behind. So they carry him with them from Iraq to Greece, keeping their secret passenger hidden away. But during the crowded boat crossing to Greece, his carrier breaks and the frightened cat runs from the chaos. In one moment, he is gone. After an unsuccessful search, his family has to continue their journey, leaving brokenhearted.

Written by Lynn Plourde with illustrations by Sue Cornelison - Children's, Children's 4-7, Picture

When Penelope sees the poster announcing the upcoming school talent show, she can't wait to plan a spectacular act with her best friend, Tiny. Penelope has big ideas: Should they dance the ballet or the hula? Should they perform a scene from a play or be trapeze artists? "Oh, yes, yes!" But "Oh, no, no!" Tiny would rather just sing in the chorus. Finally, by supporting each other, the friends find the perfect way to be part of the show --- and bring down the house.