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Tim Foley


Tim Foley

Tim Foley was born in Flint, Michigan in 1962, spent most of his school years in the nearby town of Durand, Michigan and attended college at the Kendall School of Art in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

His first job was working as a graphic designer/pasteup artist for a small family owned print shop in Flint in the summer of 1979, and spent most of the 80s working as a typesetter/graphic designer and eventually art director for a print shop with 3 locations in Grand Rapids. He set out on his own as a freelance illustrator in 1989, the same year his son Keenan was born.

Over the past quarter century, his clients have included national and international magazines, book publishers and advertising agencies, such as The Wall Street Journal, Cricket Magazine, Barrons, New York Newsday, LA Weekly, Penguin Books, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Aside from drawing pictures, he is also a musician and songwriter, currently playing upright bass for The Jukejoint Handmedowns, sails on Lake Michigan in the summer months and is an avid reader. He currently lives and works in Grand Rapids Michigan with his wife, Terri (a photographer and graphic artist), and his son, Keenan is grown and working as a jazz musician in Chicago.

Tim Foley

Books by Tim Foley

written by Ben Thompson and Erik Slader with illustrations by Tim Foley - Biography, Children's, Children's 8-12, Children's Nonfiction, History, Humor, Nonfiction

From heroic George Washington to the dastardly Richard Nixon, the oval office has been occupied by larger-than-life personalities since 1789. The position comes with enormous power and responsibility, and every American president thus far has managed to achieve great things. However, the President of the United States is only human --- and oftentimes far from perfect. While some men suffered through only minor mishaps during their time in office, others are famously remembered for leaving behind much bigger messes.

written by Ben Thompson and Erik Slader with illustrations by Tim Foley - Children's, Children's 8-12, Children's Nonfiction, History, Nonfiction, Science, Technology

Today, everyone is familiar with Neil Armstrong’s famous words as he first set foot on the moon: “one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” He made it look easy, but America’s journey to the moon was anything but simple. In 1957, when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the world’s first satellite, into orbit, America had barely crossed the starting line of the great Space Race. Still, we didn’t give up. With each failure, we gleaned valuable information about what went wrong, and how to avoid it in the future. So we tried again, and each time we failed, we failed a little bit better.

written by Ben Thompson and Erik Slader with illustrations by Tim Foley - Children's, Children's 8-12, Nonfiction, Science, Technology

In this first installment of the brand new Epic Fails series, Ben Thompson and Erik Slader take readers through the Wright brothers' many mishaps and misadventures as they paved the way for modern aviation. The Epic Fails series takes a humorous and unexpected view of history, exploring the surprising stories behind a variety of groundbreaking discoveries, voyages, experiments and innovations, illustrating how many of mankind's biggest successes are in fact the result of some pretty epic failures.

Written by Kirsten Anderson with illustrations by Tim Foley and Nancy Harrison - Biography, Children's 8-12, Reference

Born in Maine in 1836, Milton Bradley moved with his family to the working-class city of Lowell, Massachusetts, at age 11. His early life consisted of several highs and lows, from graduating high school and attending Harvard to getting laid off and losing his first wife. These experiences gave Bradley the idea for his first board game: The Checkered Game of Life. He produced and sold Life across the country and it quickly became a national sensation. Working with his company, the Milton Bradley Company, he continued to produce board games, crayons and kid-friendly school supplies.