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Tim Miller


Tim Miller

Tim Miller grew up on a dairy farm in Snohomish, Washington, with lots of cows and ducks, who inspired him to write his book MOO MOO IN A TUTU (although none of them ever wore a tutu). After milking one too many cows, Tim mooved east to study at the School of Visual Arts, where he earned his bachelor's in cartooning and his master's in art education. MOO MOO IN A TUTU is Tim's picture book debut as an author-illustrator. He lives in New York City, and you can visit him online at

Tim Miller

Books by Tim Miller

Written by Tom O'Donnell with illustrations by Tim Miller. - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Friendship, Youth Fiction

Sam and Hammie Rex discover a terrifying giant squirrel hiding in the woods behind Horace Hotwater Middle School. But nobody else believes Squirrel Kong is real. Then Hammie Rex takes the blame for Squirrel Kong’s destructive rampages, and the principal threatens to send him away to home for dangerous, troubled small pets. To save his hamster friend, can Sam prove that Squirrel Kong is the true menace?

by Tim Miller and Matt Stanton - Animals , Children's 3-5

The new Christmas bestseller from the creators of the Fart Monster Straight from the prehistoric era comes an ex-STINK-tion story like no other! Life's hard when there's only one toilet and all the dinos need to go! There's a dumping pterodactyl, a plopping stegosaurus and a T. rex who can't reach to wipe...But when it's finally Mike's turn, could one tiny bowel movement end in disaster?

Written by Tom O'Donnell with illustrations by Tim Miller - Animals , Children's 8-12, Fiction, Friendship, Humor, Youth Fiction

BEWARE: Rampaging Mutant Dino-Hamster! When a mysterious growling hamster appears at the back of his class, Sam knows just what to call him: Hamstersaurus Rex. Sam tries to protect Hammie from an overzealous Hamster Monitor, and from the meanest bully in the history of Horace Hotwater Middle School. The bully isn’t afraid of some weird little class pet. But maybe he should be. Hamstersaurus Rex is no ordinary hamster.