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Tor Seidler


Tor Seidler

Tor Seidler's novels include MEAN MARGARET, a finalist for the National Book Award, THE WAINSCOTT WEASEL, an ALA Notable Children's Book, and A RAT'S TALE, a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year.  Most recently, he has written GULLY'S TRAVELS, illustrated by Brock Cole.

Born in Littleton, New Hampshire, Tor Seidler grew up in Vermont and later, Seattle, Washington. Encouraged by his family's love of the arts, he studied English literature at Stanford University.  His first book, The Dulcimer Boy, was published when he was 27 years old.

Tor Seidler lives in New York City.

Tor Seidler

Books by Tor Seidler

Written by Tor Seidler with illustrations by Chris Sheban - Fiction, Young Adult 12+

Blue Boy, the alpha male of his pack, is the largest wolf many have ever seen, and his dream is to have a firstborn son who will take after him in every way. But Lamar is not turning out the way his father hoped. Lamar likes to watch butterflies. He worries if his younger siblings fall behind in the hunt. He has little interest in peacocking in front of other clans. Blue Boy grows increasingly dismayed at Lamar’s lack of wolf instincts, and then Lamar does the intolerable: he becomes attracted to a coyote. While the other infractions can be begrudgingly tolerated, this one cannot, and the unity of the pack is in jeopardy. Lamar wants to make his family happy, but is doing what is expected of him worth losing the only true friend he’s ever had?

written by Tor Seidler, illustrated by Brock Cole
written by Tor Seidler, illustrated by Eric Beddows
written by Tor Seidler, illustrated by Brian Selznick