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Vin Vogel


Vin Vogel

Vin Vogel is a Brazilian author and illustrator based in New York City.
He had illustrated over 50 books for children and young adults. He has also provided illustration and character designs for a wide variety of print, animation, apparel and web projects in his native country as well as in the USA, Canada and France.

Vin Vogel

Books by Vin Vogel

by Vin Vogel - Children's 3-5, Fiction, Humor, Magic

Yeti loves his stuffed toy Chunk. They play together all day and snuggle up under the covers each night. But when Chunk goes missing, Yeti has to go to bed alone in the shadowy dark. Unless, of course, he can summon all his courage to stage a dramatic rescue --- Yeti-style!

written by David Weinstone, illustrated by Vin Vogel - Children's

As soon as the teacher starts to play his guitar and sing, the kids are whirling and twirling and having a blast. But for one hesitant little music maker, it is all a bit overwhelming at first. With energetic and bright illustrations, this reassuring story about the courage it sometimes takes to try something new will resonate with children everywhere.