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Zach King


Zach King

Zach King is a twenty-six-year-old filmmaker who creates videos with a hint of “magic.” With more than 25 million followers across his various social platforms, Zach King is one of the hottest names in digital media. He’s been featured on "Ellen" and on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, and he’s partnered with Lego, Disney, and Kellogg’s to create mind-blowing videos. In 2016, Zach and his wife, Rachel, competed in "The Amazing Race" along with other social media superstars. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Zach now lives with his wife in Los Angeles, California, and has founded a multimedia production company to expand and create imaginative content for fans around the world.

Zach King

Books by Zach King

by Zach King - Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Friendship, Magic

When Zach magically “passes through” a magical mirror, he lands in a world that is the exact opposite of everything he’s ever known. Now he’s at Horace Greeley MAGIC School, where everyone here has magic except him. Even worse, his alter-ego, Jack, has passed in to Zach’s world and is getting into all sorts of trouble. Zach can always count on his friends --- even this mixed-up magical world’s versions of them! If he can just convince the guys about the truth of his world-jumping misadventure, Zach knows they’ll figure out how to put everyone back where they belong --- before it’s too late.

by Zach King - Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction

Everyone in Zach King’s family has a magical power...him. So his parents send him instead to a regular middle school with regular kids. To Zach, it’s the worst news ever. But just when Zach least expects it, he discovers a pair of magical snapbacks that might just be the magical thing he’s been looking for his whole life. The only thing standing in his way is the school bully, Tricia Stands. She’s determined to make sure Zach doesn’t get more popular than she is, and so she plans a prank so awful, so evil, it could cause the biggest disaster Horace Greeley Middle School has ever seen.

by Zach King - Fantasy, Fiction
Long homeschooled, Zach’s finally comfortable at public school. Even though he’s missing his magical powers, he’s got a best friend, a super-popular YouTube channel and a crush on Rachel, the prettiest girl in school. Zach is confident enough to muster up the courage to ask Rachel to the big school dance. Just as he’s just about to do it, Hogan, the new kid from Australia, shows up and steals his thunder. But when Zach learns that Hogan is just using the dance as a way to embarrass Rachel and ruin her chances of becoming class president, Zach knows he has to stop him somehow.