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November 12, 2014


Sometimes, people pick their favorite children's books not just becuase of the words and illustrations, but because of the things they associate with them. That's part of the reason and Corinne Fox likes DR. SEUSS'S SLEEP BOOK by Dr. Seuss, anyway --- it made her feel cozy and warm before bedtime. Read her full National Picture Book Month post, below.

I was a Dr. Seuss child through and through. All of my favorite picture books were his kooky, zany and wonderful creations, and I remember begging my parents to read me so many each night before I went to bed --- there were times where we would read four, and I still wanted more. I reread all of them at one point or another, but I do know that my absolute favorite was DR. SEUSS'S SLEEP BOOK.

A bit of an odd choice, as it’s not one of his more famous ones. But what better story to send me off to bed than one entirely about sleeping and dreaming? I remember always reading that one last because it always put me to sleep (it did its job well!) I loved it because it made me feel cozy and warm looking at all the different places one could fall asleep, and of course, little me got a laugh out of some of the strange and sillier places Seuss’s creatures were falling asleep. The pictures were fantastic, and the colors were all soft and nice to look at with tired eyes. The words themselves formed soothing, flowing rhymes, and reading them often lulled me into a deep state of drowsiness. For me, it was a comfort book, and it always made me feel good to know that story was how I was going to end  my day. I hope one day, in the future, to read this book to my children at bedtime, and I hope it brings them the same comfy happiness it once did to me.

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