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November 13, 2014

I HATE BEDTIME by Dave Billman

By Sara J.

Every kid dreads bedtime, but sometimes a great book is all it takes to make it tolerable. For Teen Board member Sara J., that book was I HATE BEDTIME by Dave Billman. Read her post about it below, as part of our National Picture Book Month feature!




When I think of my childhood and all the times my parents forced me to go to sleep, I can always remember one bright spot that didn’t make it quite so bad. It was a bedtime story called I HATE BEDTIME by Dave Billman. This very short yet effectual book chronicled a young boy’s ideas of what his parents did late at night… and that it turned out to be completely different from what he had expected.

 “I bet they call the pizza place, watch ‘Elephants in Outer Space,’” speculates the young boy. He soon finds out that his father is merely “dozing in his chair” and his mother is “folding underwear.” He finally concedes defeat, but not before deciding to dream about the late-night things he’ll do when he grows up in a year or two. This little 6-page book has been in my family for at least a decade and it has always been our go-to bedtime book. I love the inquisitive little boy, the hardworking mom (who I have come to replicate throughout my years in high school), the wonderful illustrations and the hilariously hopeful ending. I know that I will keep this book for as long as I live, and that the taped-together spine and worn edges only serve to indicate how well-loved this book has become by my whole family and me.

Sara J. is a Teen Board member.