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November 18, 2014

THE LITTLE MOON RAVEN - Guest Post by Marcus Pfister

One of the most interesting things about picture books is the amount of thought that goes into the illustrations. The central theme or message of the book can influence everything about an image, including the style, size, color and even medium. Below, Marcus Pfister (whose picture book THE RAINBOW FISH was the subject of my first ever book report) talks about his latest book, THE LITTLE MOON RAVEN in honor of National Picture Book Week.


When I started to illustrate my story of THE LITTLE MOON RAVEN, I had a clear visual concept. Often the base of mobbing conflicts is the fact that groups of individuals feel much stronger than single ones. Together, they encourage each other to mob and harm others in a way a single person would never do.

I wanted to visualize the power of the group of ravens unifying their black bodies to one big black surface. Here, it’s the contrast of the big black surface (that symbolizes the aggressiveness of the ravens) and the small splash of black colour (the Moon Raven) that characterizes this book’s artwork.

This concept also influenced my choice of the painting technique. In aquarell, it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve these deep black surfaces, so I decided for acrylic colours.

In the sequel of THE LITTLE MOON RAVEN, (minedition, Fall 2015) it won’t be the contrast of big and small black surfaces but instead the contrast between the black group of ravens and a small, bright and colourful bird that characterize the book. I hope you’ll love it, too!

See below for some images from the book: