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November 24, 2014

ALADDIN --- guest post by Agnese Baruzzi

We've seen a lot of beautiful picture books at Kidsreads, where illustrations are made with watercolors, acrylics, pen and and ink and everything in between. But it's rare that we see books where the illustrations are made out of paper, which is exactly what we get with Agnese Baruzzi's book ALADDIN!

For her National Picture Book Month post, Agnese answers some questions that her publisher posed about her style, her life  and ALADDIN, plus some images from the book and her legendary "pet" diecutting machine.


Tango Books: How did you create the pictures in ALADDIN and what did you hope to achieve? 

Agnest Baruzzi: I was fascinated by the story of Aladdin and I tried to lead the reader to focus on the details.When I was a child, I used to have this big poster in my room with so many small details,and I loved to discover every day a small part that I hadn't seen before.I'd be happy if the same would happen with my book Aladdin!

Tango: Can you tell us some information about yourself?

AB: I live with my boyfriend Dede and our 2 dogs, Zorba and Orso. In April, a small baby will join us! We live in a small red house in the countryside, surrounded by a fantastic wood, which is now covered in fantastic autumn colors. We have a nice garden and we grow our vegetables.

I love to ride my bike in the woods and in April, I will find a way to carry the baby with me as soon as possible!

Tango: Tell us about your "pet" diecutting machine!

AB: Some time ago I fell in love with a laser diecut machine, and I couldn’t stop cutting and cutting and cutting different layers of paper. Since then, all my latest works are based on paper cutting. What I like most is the overlapping of different cuts and sheets! This machine is a fantastic "second husband." In fact, it doesn't talk and it's impossible to quarrel with it!

Tango: How do you come up with the ideas for your books?

AB: I love mixing techniques and I do love to change often! That's why I'm very fond of collage, because it allows me to experiment with weird combinations --- I like experimental techniques! I think that each book or work you happen to do is a good chance for trying a new "recipe," if possible, so I'm ready for new challenges!

Also, working with stories and books is a good chance to deal with my concerns, to cope with my thoughts and to face my purposes for the future.

Qualified from the ISIA in Urbino in 2004, Agnese Baruzzi currently lives in Bologna, Italy. She has been working as an illustrator and has been publishing children's books since 2001 in several countries. She collaborates with advertising agencies and leads workshops for kids in schools and libraries.