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September 7, 2016

Making the Audiobook for THE RED SUN with Karan Brar --- Guest Post from Alane Adams, Author of KALIFUS RISING


Here at Kidsreads, we love exploring books in different formats. As much as we love reading physical copies of books, sometimes it can be really fun to hear your favorite stories read aloud --- especially when famous actors and actresses are reading them! In this post, author Alane Adams talks about meeting Disney star Karan Brar and how the two joined forces to record the audio version of her book, RED SUN.

Most of you, including myself, know Karan Brar from the years he spent on the popular Disney show, "Jessie" and now "Bunk’d." Well last year I had the ultimate fan girl moment when I actually had a chance to meet Karan IN PERSON!

I was at a public school in Burbank where he, along with two other young TV stars, volunteered their time to read to kids at a low-income school. When I first met Karan I was struck by how polite and professional he was. (And by the way, that accent he has on the show? Not real!) He was excited to be spending time with the kids (who, just like me, were over the moon to meet him!). I’m sure having that much attention all the time can be wearing, so it’s nice he took the time to engage with everyone and show them how much he appreciates their support.

Months later, when it was time to choose a narrator for my RED SUN audiobook, Karan immediately came to mind. It only took a phone call to his agent and he was on board (cue my fan girl freak out).

When we met up in the studio, once again, I was impressed by how professional he was. He came into the studio with a smile on his face and sat down on the stool and began to read. It’s safe to say that Karan and I were not prepared for what an audiobook entails! It is an exhausting process. He had to read not just a few lines from a script, but over 300 pages with all kinds of odd words and even odder pronunciations! In an audiobook, every line has to be perfect. There can be no mistakes, hesitations, coughs, or throat clearing.

Like many projects, the process of making the audiobook took twice as long as expected, but Karan was a trooper and never once complained. His favorite catch-phrase: groovy-groove. “Do it again, Karan.” “Groovy-groove!” When it was finally complete, I think Karan and I both had a deeper appreciation for how hard it is to make an audiobook. But regardless of the long process, we had so much fun working together! I’m hoping I can talk him into doing the sequel, KALIFUS RISING…Karan, are you reading this? Call me!