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November 28, 2016

Celebrate National Ninja Day with a Picture Book!

Posted by Dana C
Did you ever want to be a ninja when you were a kid? We definitely did! That's why we're super excited about December 5th --- aka National Ninja Day --- here at In honor of this high-kicking, judo-chopping holiday, we're celebrating with some excellent ninja-themed picture books. Get ready to wow and impress your friends and family with your impressive strength, excellent balance and extreme bravery, because National Ninja Day is almost here!

First we have NINJA BUNNY: Sister vs. Brother by Jennifer Grey Olson --- the sequel to NINJA BUNNY --- which follows the title character as he goes on an adventure to find a character but gets saddled with his annoying sister. While on their quest Ninja Bunny might just find that his sister has a lot more in common with him than he thinks. 
Read more about the book:
Ninja Bunny has faced incredible danger! He has demonstrated all the skills of a super awesome ninja: impressive strength, amazing bravery, extreme sneakiness! But when he embarks on a new mission to find the Golden Carrot of Awesomeness, he meets his biggest challenge yet --- his annoying little sister! She insists on tagging along, and she insists that she is a ninja bunny, too. Not possible. Will she ruin Ninja Bunny’s chance at finding the world’s largest carrot? Or might she actually possess a few ninja skills of her own?
Next up we have 10 LITTLE NINJAS written by Miranda Paul with illustrations by Nate Wragg --- a story that is reminiscent of 10 LITTLE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED --- which is a cute bedtime story about a father trying to wrangle his little “ninjas” to sleep. A fun and different story that kids will be sure to have adventure-filled dreams after reading. 
Read more about the book:
It may be bedtime, but these little ninjas aren't tired. They're sliding, swinging and slipping out of bed! Can Daddy and the sensei ever tuck them in? Filled with mischievous fun, 10 LITTLE NINJAS will take young readers from playtime to bedtime again and again. Kids will love the astronauts, tigers, cowboys, dragons and more!
Then there is THE NINJABREAD MAN by C. J. Leigh and illustrated by Chris Gall --- which asks the bold question of what if the gingerbread man was a ninja --- that follows the Ninjabread Man after he has escaped the kitchen and evades capture!
Read more about the book:
In this fun spinoff of the classic "Gingerbread Man" story, Sensei makes an age-old recipe for ninjabread. But the cookie escapes from the oven and runs loose! Can the Ninjabread Man trick Ninja Bear, Ninja Snake, Ninja Mouse, and Ninja Fox? In the end, the clever Ninja Fox outsmarts the Ninjabread Man.
And last but certainly not least we have LITTLE KUNOICHI, THE NINJA GIRL by Sanae Ishida, about an aspiring ninja who is training to show off her skills at a festival and along the way makes a new friend. 
Read more about the book:
Little Kunoichi, a young ninja in training, is frustrated. Inspired by tiny Chibi Samurai’s practice and skills, she works harder than ever and makes a friend. Together, they show the power of perseverance, hard work, and cooperation when they wow the crowd at the Island Festival. Ninja skills don’t come easily to Little Kunoichi. She needs determination --- and a special friend --- to unleash her power!