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The Harry Potter series changed my life. In terms of reading, I had never really devoted myself to a series or ever felt invested in a series enough to follow it closely. But Harry Potter changed all of that. I didn't start the series until the first six books were out, but once I had started the first book, there was no stopping me.
Jennifer Rummel, a young adult librarian in Connecticut, loves all things Harry Potter. Read her letter to The Boy Who Lived here (originally posted on her personal blog,, where she talks about reading the books, going to the movies and eventually hosting her own Harry Potter release parties as a librarian.    
One of the most fun parts of the the Harry Potter world is the delicious food! Harry and his friends enjoy foaming butterbeer from the Hogsmeade village, hopping chocolate frogs on the train to school and platters of yorkshire pudding at the start of term feast (that’s more of a British treat than a wizard one, but still). One great way to get into Harry Potter is to make some of these yourselves, with the help of your parents or an older sibling. See below for the recipe for treacle tart, and check back in the coming weeks for a few more!  
July 4, 2014

Hogwarts Houses

Posted by Shara
Imagine you’re a first year student at Hogwarts. It’s your first night here. You crossed the lake in a rowboat with a half-giant, and now you’re waiting for your turn to try on the Sorting Hat. Which house are you going to join? Will you fit in there? Will you make friends? When Harry went through this he was so nervous! He didn’t want to wind up in the wrong house. So where would you belong if you tried on the sorting hat today? And remember, the Sorting Hat always takes your choice into consideration.  
Lincoln Peirce --- author the Big Nate series --- talks about his favorite book in the Harry Potter series and why he loves the books as a writer, a reader and a parent.
You think the mall or the playground is fun? Well, believe me  --- wizards and witches hang out in all sorts of cool places that we bet you’d give anything to visit. Read about a few of them below, and check out another “Harry Potter places” post, soon!    
July 1, 2014

The Best Harry Potter Spells

Posted by Shara
Harry and his friends use a lot of different spells throughout the series. Which are the most useful? Below are some of the trio’s favorite spells to use, along with their definitions.  
Who here likes Harry Potter? If you answered yes, we have a treat for you this month. And if you answered "I dont' know, I never read the series," we have an EXTRA big treat for you! For all of July, Kidsreads is going Harry Potter CRAZY to get you excited about the books. We'll share fun facts, favorite Harry Potter memories from some of your favorite authors, Harry Potter recipes and more. We'll also have an exciting Harry Potter contest that you won't want to miss. Check back here every day in July for a new surprise!  
My favorite Harry Potter memory was when my uncle and I went to the midnight premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. We have always shared a common love for Harry Potter books and movies. Seeing this epic saga conclude on a giant screen was unforgettable and memorable. Another favorite memory of mine is when my friends and I devoured five boxes of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. We are every single bean, even the wacky flavors like soap and eggs. Harry Potter was my childhood, and now I share it with my ten-year-old sister. I hope she creates amazing memories just as I did.