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Curious about what books will be released in the months ahead so you can pre-order or reserve them? Then click on the months below.

Please note we have not included every book that is coming out, but rather some that caught our eye --- and that we thought should catch yours as well.

March 2018


Vilonia Beebe Takes Charge by Kristin L. Gray - Animals , Children's 8-12, Fiction, Health

Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books | 9781481458436 | Published March 6, 2018

Fourth grader Vilonia hasn’t lost her rain coat in the three weeks she’s had it and she’s brushed her teeth every night and she’s volunteered to be the Friday Library Helper. But all that hard work is worth it if it means she can get a dog. Besides, this dog isn’t just because Vilonia has wanted one for pretty much ever. It’s also to help Mama, who’s been lost in one, big sadness fog for forty-three days --- ever since Nana died. But Vilonia read that pets can help with sadness. Now all she has to do is keep the library goldfish alive over spring break, stop bringing stray animals home, and help Mama not get fired from her job. And she’s got to do all of it before the Catfish Festival. Easy as pie, right?

Write This Down by Claudia Mills - Children's, Children's 10-12, Family Life, Fiction, Social Issues, Youth Fiction

Square Fish | 9781250143914 | Published March 6, 2018

12 year-old Autumn loves to write. She finds inspiration all around her --- especially in Cameron --- the dreamy boy in her journalism class who she has a major crush on. Then her older brother --- Hunter --- who used to watch out for her but has grown distant since he started high school, reads one of her poems about Cameron to Cameron's older brother. They make fun of it and she is devastated. Determined to show her brother how talented she really is, Autumn decides that she is going to become a published author --- now!

A Boy Called Bat Written by Elana K. Arnold with illustrations by Charles Santoso - Animals , Children's 6-10, Family, Family Life, Fiction, Friendship

Walden Pond Press | 9780062445834 | Published March 13, 2018

For Bixby Alexander Tam (nicknamed Bat), life tends to be full of surprises --- some of them good, some not so good. Bat’s mom, a veterinarian, has brought home a baby skunk, which she needs to take care of until she can hand him over to a wild-animal shelter. But the minute Bat meets the kit, he knows they belong together. And he’s got one month to show his mom that a baby skunk might just make a pretty terrific pet.
Alexander Hamilton: The Making of America by Teri Kanefield - Biography, Children's 10-14, Children's Nonfiction, History, Nonfiction

Abrams Books for Young Readers | 9781419729430 | Published March 13, 2018

The America that Alexander Hamilton knew was largely agricultural and built on slave labor. He envisioned something else: a multi-racial, urbanized, capitalistic America with a strong central government. He believed that such an America would be a land of opportunity for the poor and the newcomers. But Hamilton’s vision put him at odds with his archrivals who envisioned a pastoral America of small towns, where governments were local, states would control their own destiny, and the federal government would remain small and weak.
Chester and Gus by Cammie McGovern - Animals , Children's 8-12, Family, Family Life, Fiction, Friendship

HarperCollins | 9780062330697 | Published March 13, 2018

Chester has always wanted to become a service dog. When he fails his certification test, though, it seems like that dream will never come true --- until a family adopts him. They want him to be a companion for their ten-year-old son, Gus, who has autism. But Gus acts so differently than anyone Chester has ever met. He never wants to pet Chester, and sometimes he doesn’t even want Chester in the room. Chester’s not sure how to help Gus since this isn’t exactly the job he trained for --- but he’s determined to figure it out. Because after all, Gus is now his person.

Dolls of Hope (The Friendship Dolls) by Shirley Parenteau - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Youth Fiction

Candlewick | 9781536200263 | Published March 13, 2018

Eleven-year-old Chiyo Tamura never imagined she’d go from her small Japanese village to Tokyo, helping to welcome more than 12,000 Friendship Dolls from America --- including Emily Grace, a gift to her school. Nor could she dream that she’d have an important role in the crafting of Miss Tokyo, one of 58 Japanese dolls to be sent to America. But when Chiyo is asked to be Emily Grace’s protector, one jealous classmate will stop at nothing to see her fail.

Hello, Universe Written by Erin Entrada Kelly with illustrations by Isabel Roxas - Children's 8-12, Fiction, Friendship

Greenwillow Books | 9780062414168 | Published March 13, 2018

In one day, four lives weave together in unexpected ways. Virgil Salinas is shy and kindhearted and feels out of place in his crazy-about-sports family. Valencia Somerset, who is deaf, is smart, brave, and secretly lonely, and she loves everything about nature. Kaori Tanaka is a self-proclaimed psychic, whose little sister, Gen, is always following her around. And Chet Bullens wishes the weird kids would just stop being so different so that he can concentrate on basketball. They aren’t friends, at least not until Chet pulls a prank that traps Virgil and his pet guinea pig at the bottom of a well.

Isabella for Real Written by Margie Palatini with illustrations by LeUyen Pham - Children's 10-12, Coming of Age, Family Life, Fiction, Friendship

HMH Books for Young Readers | 9781328900142 | Published March 13, 2018

When Isabella Antonelli becomes an overnight YouTube sensation in a documentary detailing her REAL, non-royal Italian American family, she needs to figure out a way to tell everyone at her fancy new school the truth about her family --- or come up with some better lies. Brimming with offbeat humor, Isabella for Real sets the scene for an eccentric, multi-generational family drama that will have readers laughing out loud and giving Isabella’s performance a standing ovation.
Judy Moody and Friends: Not-So-Lucky Lefty Written by Megan McDonald and Illustrated by Erwin Madrid - Children's, Children's 4-6, Family, Family Life, Fiction, Friendship

Candlewick | 9780763698478 | Published March 13, 2018

Left-handers are creative. Left-handers are geniuses. Half of all cats are lefties! (Or so says Stink.) But Judy is a righty . . . and Judy is feeling left out. Tomorrow is Left Handers Day, and Stink and Dad, the southpaws in the Moody family, are celebrating at the pretzel factory. Judy is allowed to come along on one condition: she has to be left-handed --- the whole entire day. It’s on!
Judy Moody and Friends: Not-So-Lucky Lefty Written by Megan McDonald with illustrations by Erwin Madrid - Children's 4-6, Family, Fiction

Candlewick | 9780763698478 | Published March 13, 2018

Judy Moody and Friends: Not-So-Lucky Lefty Written by Megan McDonald with illustrations by Erwin Madrid - Children's 4-6, Family, Fiction

Candlewick | 9780763698478 | Published March 13, 2018

Left-handers are creative. Left-handers are geniuses. Half of all cats are lefties! (Or so says Stink.) But Judy is a righty...and Judy is feeling left out. Tomorrow is Left Handers Day, and Stink and Dad, the southpaws in the Moody family, are celebrating at the pretzel factory. Judy is allowed to come along on one condition: she has to be left-handed --- the whole entire day. It’s on!

Monsters Beware! Written by Jorge Aguirre and Illustrated by Rafael Rosado - Children's, Children's 7-10, Fantasy, Fiction, Graphic Novel

First Second | 9781626721807 | Published March 13, 2018

She’s fought giants, clobbered dragons and now Claudette faces her biggest challenge yet…herself! Well, that and a gang of vile monsters. It all begins when Claudette’s town hosts the annual Warrior Games. After some sneaky maneuvering, Claudette manages to gets herself, Marie and Gaston chosen as her town's representatives. But none of Claudette’s past battles has prepared her for this. And to make matters worse, they must stop the vicious Sea Queen and her evil children from using the Warrior Games to free the dark Wizard Grombach and conquer the world!
Paddington at Work by Michael Bond and Peggy Fortnum - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Juvenile Fiction

HarperCollins | 9780062433121 | Published March 13, 2018

When Paddington returns from his trip to Peru, he doesn’t waste any time getting back to business. The Stock Exchange, the ballet, the barber’s shop, Mr. Curry’s kitchen...nothing is safe when Paddington gets to work.

Snakes and Stones by Lisa Fowler - Children's 8-12, Family Life, Fiction, Historical Fiction

Sky Pony Press | 9781510735545 | Published March 13, 2018

Twelve-year-old Chestnut Hill’s daddy stole her and the triplets away from their mama. At least, that’s how Chestnut remembers it. It’s 1921, and after nearly two years on the road with his traveling elixir show, Daddy’s still making no move to go back to Kentucky and buy Mama that house. So Chestnut is forced to come up with her own plan to get home. But when her newest plan lands Daddy in jail and Mama has to come to the rescue, Chestnut discovers that things are not always as they seem. 

The 65-Story Treehouse (The Treehouse Books) Written by Andy Griffiths with illustrations Terry Denton - Children's 6-10, Crafts & Hobbies, Fiction, Humor

Square Fish | 9781250102478 | Published March 13, 2018

Andy and Terry live in a 65-Story Treehouse. (It used to be 52 stories, but they keep expanding.) It has a pet-grooming salon, a birthday room where it's always your birthday (even when it's not), a room full of exploding eyeballs, a lollipop shop, a quicksand pit, an ant farm, and a time machine...which is going to be really, really useful now, since Terry messed up (again) and the treehouse just FAILED it's safety inspection.Join Andy and Terry on a whirlwind trip through time as they try to stop the treehouse from being demolished!

The Memory Thief by Bryce Moore - Family Life, Fantasy, Fiction

Adaptive Books | 9781945293511 | Published March 13, 2018

Twin brother and sister Benji and Kelly wander off at the local county fair after witnessing their parents argue. When Benji runs into a group of bullies, he escapes into a tent called The Memory Emporium, where he meets a strange old man inside named Louis. The old man shows him a magically vivid memory of a fighter pilot, in the hopes of getting Benji to pay to see other memories Louis has collected from people over the years. Benji quickly realizes the ability to take memories could help his parents stop fighting with each other, and he asks Louis to teach him how to become a “memory thief.” 

The Metropolitans by Carol Goodman - Adventure, Children's 10+, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction

Puffin Books | 9781101997680 | Published March 13, 2018

The day Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, four 13-year-olds converge at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where an eccentric curator is seeking four uncommonly brave souls to track down the hidden pages of the Kelmsbury Manuscript, an ancient book of Arthurian legends that lies scattered within the museum's collection, and that holds the key to preventing a second attack on American soil.  When Madge, Joe, Kiku and Walt agree to help, they have no idea that the Kelmsbury is already working its magic on them.

The Wingsnatchers: Carmer and Grit, Book One by Sarah Jean Horowitz - Adventure, Children's 10-14, Fantasy, Fiction, Magic

Algonquin Young Readers | 9781616208028 | Published March 13, 2018

Aspiring inventor and magician’s apprentice Felix Carmer III would rather be tinkering with his latest experiments than sawing girls in half on stage, but with Antoine the Amazifier’s show a tomato’s throw away from going under, Carmer is determined to win the cash prize in the biggest magic competition in Skemantis. When fate throws Carmer across the path of fiery, flightless faerie princess Grit (do not call her Grettifrida), they strike a deal.

Act 3 (Jack & Louisa) Written by Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Kate Wetherhead with illustrations by Kyle T. Webster - Children's 8-12, Fiction, Friendship, Performing Arts

Penguin Workshop | 9781524784973 | Published March 20, 2018

Two weeks at Camp Curtain-Up is just what Jack and Louisa need to fuel their passion for theater: Broadway musical sing-alongs, outdoor rehearsals and tons of new MTNs (musical theater nerds) to meet...maybe even a special someone. It almost feels like fate when the two friends return home to find local auditions for The Sound of Music. But as Louisa fantasizes about frolicking in the Alps, Jack gets tempted by a student-run drama competition that would reunite the two with their camp friends. Will Jack get Louisa to skip an audition? 

All Heart: My Dedication and Determination to Become One of Soccer's Best by Carli Lloyd and Wayne Coffey - Biography, Children's 10-12, Sports

HMH Books for Young Readers | 9781328740977 | Published March 20, 2018

In the summer of 2015, the U.S. women’s national soccer team won the World Cup behind an epic performance by Carli Lloyd. Carli, a midfielder, scored three goals in the first sixteen minutes—the greatest goal-scoring effort in the history of World Cup finals. But there was a time when Carli almost quit soccer. She struggled with doubts and low confidence. Carli tells the full inspiring story of her journey to the top of the soccer world —-- an honest, action-packed account that takes readers inside the mind of a hardworking athlete.
Big Nate: Silent But Deadly by Lincoln Peirce - Children's, Children's 8-12, Comedy, Fiction, Graphic Novel

Andrews McMeel Publishing | 9781449489915 | Published March 20, 2018

Whether he’s showing the ropes to a detention rookie, campaigning for the Student of the Month Award or writing hilarious movie reviews for The Weekly Bugle, Nate Wright never fails to make his mark at P.S. 38. But middle school’s no bed of roses. In fact, sometimes it just plain stinks. Just ask the Great Nose-ini! Nate’s alter ego with a sense for scents can smell trouble a mile away...or at the very next desk. Was that you, Gina? Join Nate and the gang for nonstop laughs in this latest collection of Big Nate comics!
Firefly July: A Year of Very Short Poems written by Paul B. Janeczko with illustrations by Melissa Sweet - Children's, Poetry

Candlewick | 9780763699710 | Published March 20, 2018

Celebrated poet and anthologist Paul B. Janeczko pairs with Caldecott Honoree Melissa Sweet for a collection of short poems to sample and savor. It only takes a few words, if they’re the right words, to create a strong image. Whether listened to in the comfort of a cozy lap or read independently, the thirty-six very short poems in this collection remind readers young and old that a few perfect words and pictures can make the world glow.
In Darkling Wood by Emma Carroll - Children's 10+, Fantasy, Fiction, Friendship

Yearling | 9780399556043 | Published March 20, 2018

When Alice is suddenly bundled off to her estranged grandmother’s Nell’s house, there’s nothing good about it, except the beautiful Darkling Wood at the end of the garden --- but Nell wants to have it cut down. Alice feels at home there, at peace. She even finds a friend, a girl named Flo. But Flo doesn’t go to the local school, and no one in town has heard of her. When Flo shows Alice the surprising secrets of Darkling Wood, Alice starts to wonder: what is real? And can she find out in time to save the wood from destruction? 
Monsters Unleashed by John Kloepfer - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Humor

HarperCollins | 9780062290311 | Published March 20, 2018

Freddie Liddle has a big problem: Monsters. Giant, fire-breathing, electric-shocking, bone-crunching monsters are attacking his town. Even worse, it’s Freddie’s fault. After drawing monsters based on the meanest bullies in his class, Freddie used his school’s 3D printer to make models of them. But the last thing he expected was that the monsters would come to life and keep growing, and GROWING, and GROWING.

Outlaws of Time #2: The Song of Glory and Ghost by N. D. Wilson - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Mythology, Science Fiction

Katherine Tegen Books | 9780062327307 | Published March 20, 2018

Sam Miracle never thought that his future could lie in the past. But after leaping through centuries at the side of a mystical time walker, Sam and his best friend, Glory, know that the next morning’s sun could belong to yesterday as easily as tomorrow.

 But no day is safe. Since the Vulture escaped, Sam and Glory’s greatest nemesis has left no time nor place unmarked by his path of destruction. At least Sam and Glory have Peter, the youngest version of their mentor, Father Tiempo, to help repair the sands of time...until they don’t.