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Curious about what books will be released in the months ahead so you can pre-order or reserve them? Then click on the months below.

Please note we have not included every book that is coming out, but rather some that caught our eye --- and that we thought should catch yours as well.

December 2018


The Wonderful Baron Doppelganger Device Written by Eric Bower and Illustrated by Agnieszka Grochalska - Children's, Children's 9-12, Fiction, Science Fiction

Amberjack Publishing | 9781948705172 | Published December 11, 2018

When someone gets ahold of the Barons’ Wonderful Doppelgänger Device, which allows them to transform into anyone, they use it to land Rose in jail by posing as her to cause a small explosion during the Pitchfork Fair. The dastardly villain then ambushes W.B. and abducts him onto a train bound for the other side of the country. With W.B. out of the way, the imposter replaces him until W.B. returns unexpectedly and exposes the plot. Unfortunately, the deadly duplicate is great at impersonation. To save his skin, W.B. must prove himself by harder than he’s ever W.B.ed before.

The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts: Being an Absolutely Accurate Autobiographical Account of My Follies, Fortune, and Fate by Avi - Adventure, Children's 9-13, Family, Fiction, Historical Fiction

Algonquin Young Readers | 9781616208561 | Published December 17, 2018

In the seaside town of Melcombe Regis, England, 1724, Oliver Cromwell Pitts wakes to find his father missing and his house flooded by a recent storm. He’s alone in his ruined home with no money and no food. Oliver’s father has left behind a barely legible waterlogged note: he’s gone to London, where Oliver’s sister, Charity, is in trouble. Exploring damage to the town in the storm’s aftermath, Oliver discovers a shipwreck on the beach. Removing anything from a wrecked ship is a hanging offense, but Oliver finds money that could save him, and he can’t resist the temptation to take it.

Brown v. Board of Education: A Fight for Simple Justice by Susan Goldman Rubin - Children's 10+, Education, History, Reference

Holiday House | 9780823440351 | Published December 18, 2018

In 1954, one of the most significant Supreme Court decisions of the twentieth Century aimed to end school segregation in the United States. Here is the story of the many people who stood up to racial inequality, some risking significant danger and hardship, and of careful strategizing by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Supergirl: Age of Atlantis by Jo Whittemore - Adventure, Children's 9-12, Fiction, Science Fiction, Superhero

Amulet Paperbacks | 9781419736094 | Published December 18, 2018

Supergirl (aka Kara Danvers) has been running across average citizens performing amazing feats all over National City. But that’s not even the weirdest thing going on. The Department of Extranormal Operations has captured a mysterious humanoid sea creature. Supergirl must find out what has drawn him to National City, and his connection to this surge of super-citizens. Written by celebrated author Jo Whittemore, this is one adventure fans of the TV series won’t want to miss!

The Flash: Hocus Pocus by Barry Lyga - Adventure, Children's 9-12, Fiction, Science Fiction, Superhero

Amulet Paperbacks | 9781419736063 | Published December 18, 2018

In a timeline where Flashpoint never happened, The Flash (aka Barry Allen) must face a mysterious villain who can control the minds and actions of citizens. But when Hocus Pocus, as he calls himself, takes control of Barry, it’s up to Team Flash to help the Scarlet Speedster before he’s forced to do the unthinkable. Written by New York Times bestselling author Barry Lyga, this is one adventure fans of the TV series won’t want to miss!

The Safest Lie by Angela Cerrito - Adventure, Friendship

Holiday House | 9780823440467 | Published December 18, 2018

Anna's story is a suspenseful and deeply moving account of the sacrifices endured, the dangers faced, and the heroism demonstrated by courageous young victims, their parents and their saviors. It sheds light on yet another tragedy of the Holocaust: rescued children who lost not only their loved ones, but their very identities and Jewish heritage.

The Flint Heart written by Katherine Paterson and John Paterson, illustrated by John Rocco - Fiction

Candlewick | 9781536203714 | Published December 24, 2018

An ambitious Stone Age man demands a talisman that will harden his heart, allowing him to take control of his tribe. Against his better judgment, the tribe's magic man creates the Flint Heart, but the cruelty of it causes the destruction of the tribe. Thousands of years later, the talisman reemerges ...

Voice of Freedom: Fannie Lou Hamer: The Spirit of the Civil Rights Movement written by Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated by Ekua Holmes - Children's 10-12

Candlewick | 9781536203257 | Published December 24, 2018

Despite fierce prejudice and abuse, even being beaten to within an inch of her life, Fannie Lou Hamer was a champion of civil rights from the 1950s until her death in 1977. Integral to the Freedom Summer of 1964, Ms. Hamer gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention that, despite President Johnson’s interference, aired on national TV news and spurred the nation to support the Freedom Democrats. Featuring vibrant mixed-media art full of intricate detail, Voice of Freedom celebrates Fannie Lou Hamer’s life and legacy with a message of hope, determination and strength.

The Incredible Magic of Being by Kathryn Erskine - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Youth Fiction

Scholastic Press | 9781338148534 | Published December 26, 2018

Julian lives large, and his optimism allows him to see possibilities wherever he looks, but he is anxious about his stressed family falling apart. Even his ability to "uni-sense" what's happening with his sister is gone. Now that they are moving to rural Maine, Julian can use his telescope without any light pollution. As Julian searches the night sky, he encounters a force that may drive his plan apart. His neighbor, Mr. X, could bring an end to his parents' dream of opening their B&B. Could one negative force unravel everything?

A Warp In Time by Jude Watson - Children's, Children's 9-12, Fantasy, Fiction

Scholastic Inc. | 9781338193213 | Published December 26, 2018

The harrowing tale of survival and suspicion takes its most dramatic turn yet when Molly, Yoshi, and the rest discover that there are more than just monsters in the rift. There are other kids, too ...

Blizzard Besties: A Wish Novel by Yamile Saied Méndez - Animals , Children's 8-12, Contemporary Fiction, Family Life, Fiction, Friendship

Scholastic Inc. | 9781338316391 | Published December 26, 2018

Vanesa Campos can't wait for winter vacation. Skiing on the slopes, sipping hot cocoa...her week at Pinecloud Lodge promises to be cozy and perfect. Never mind that glamorous Beck writes off Vanesa right away. But when the flakes start falling, everything changes. Vanesa's little brother, Hunter, might be stranded out in the blizzard! Vanesa will have to team up with all the kids --- plus one giant dog --- to rescue him. Can she save her brother and discover which real friends will weather the storm with her?
Dark Wyng (The Erth Dragons #2) by Chris d'Lacey - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction

Scholastic Press | 9780545900584 | Published December 26, 2018

The dragon Wearle is in turmoil: A human boy named Ren has bonded with a pair of baby dragons, and their connection has given him shocking and extraordinary new powers. Though some of the dragons suspect he is plotting against the Wearle, his dragon allies will do anything to save him. Meanwhile, after the devastating war with the dragons, the humans, or Kaal, have accepted the leadership of a mysterious stranger. Though the dragons and the Kaal are dead set against each other, both will face down an ancient power stronger than any of them can imagine.

Fuzzy Fights Back (Class Pets #4) by Bruce Hale - Adventure, Animals , Children's 8-12, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Friendship, Humor

Scholastic Paperbacks | 9781338145274 | Published December 26, 2018

Is this the end of class pets? When Fuzzy accidentally gets a kid hurt, he feels awful. But worse --- the PTA president demands to get rid of all the class pets! Fuzzy and his friends get to work. A cuteness campaign? Their selfies fall short. A hunger strike? The pets get hungry. Could the PTA president's daughter be the key to staying in their classrooms, or will the pets get thrown out like yesterday's juice box?

Geronimo on Ice! (Geronimo Stilton #71) by Geronimo Stilton - Adventure, Animals , Children's 7-10, Fiction, Humor, Sports

Scholastic Paperbacks | 9781338306217 | Published December 26, 2018

Mouse Island was getting ready for the winter Ice Skating Championships! The prize for this year's champions was a pair of antique silver skates that were said to contain clues to a hidden treasure! Just before the championships, we learn someone wants to steal the Silver Skates to search for the treasure! Geronimo has to join the competition to help keep the skates safe. But he doesn't know how to ice skate! Will he be able to learn enough tricks on the ice to save the Silver Skates?

Skeleton Tree by Kim Ventrella - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Youth Fiction

Scholastic Inc. | 9781338042719 | Published December 26, 2018

Stanly knows the bone growing in his yard is a little weird, but now he'll have the perfect photo to submit to the Young Discoverer's Competition. But the bone doesn't appear in any photos. Even stranger, it seems to be growing into a full that only children can see. Stanly's little sister, Miren, adopts the skeleton as a friend, and soon, the two become inseparable. When Miren starts to grow sick, Stanly suspects that the skeleton is responsible, but Miren is desperate not to lose her friend, forcing Stanly to question everything he's ever believed about life, love and the mysterious forces that connect us.

The Bad Guys in Superbad (The Bad Guys #8) by Aaron Blabey - Adventure, Children's 7-10, Fiction, Humor, Superhero

Scholastic Paperbacks | 9781338189636 | Published December 26, 2018

The Bad Guys have strangely acquired SUPERPOWERS! But their powers might be, well, defective. They can only do things like blow their own pants off in public. Not exactly what you'd call hero-caliber skills. Defective or not, the Bad Guys have a job to do. With Dr. Marmalade ready to destroy the world, Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha and Mr. Shark finally have their chance to be (super)heroes! And this time, they may just get some help...

The Boy Who Dared by Susan Campbell Bartoletti - Historical Fiction

Scholastic Press | 9780439680141 | Published December 26, 2018

When 16-year-old Helmut Hubner listens to the BBC news on an illegal short-wave radio, he quickly discovers Germany is lying to the people. But when he tries to expose the truth with leaflets, he's tried for treason. Sentenced to death and waiting in a jail cell, Helmut's story emerges in a series of flashbacks that show his growth from a naive child caught up in the patriotism of the times , to a sensitive and mature young man who thinks for himself.

The Trail by Meika Hashimoto - Adventure, Animals , Children's 8-12, Fiction, Friendship

Scholastic Inc. | 9781338035872 | Published December 26, 2018

Toby has to finish the final thing on The List. It's a list of brave, daring, totally awesome things that he and his best friend, Lucas, planned to do together, and the only item left is to hike the Appalachian Trail. But now Lucas isn't there to do it with him. Toby's determined to hike the trail alone and fulfill their pact. When a storm comes, Toby finds himself tangled up in someone else's mess: Two boys desperately need his help. But does Toby have any help to give?
A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea: One Teen Refugee's Incredible Story of Love, Loss, and Survival (Young Readers' Edition) by Melissa Fleming - Biography, Children's 10-14, Children's Nonfiction, Nonfiction, Women's History, Young Adult 10+

Flatiron Books | 9781250311436 | Published December 31, 2018

A HOPE MORE POWERFUL THAN THE SEA tells the story of Doaa Al-Zamel, a Syrian girl whose life was upended in 2011 by her country’s brutal civil war. She and her family escape to Egypt, but life soon quickly becomes dangerous for Syrians in that country. Doaa and her fiancé decide to flee to Europe to seek safety and an education, but four days after setting sail on a smuggler’s dilapidated fishing vessel along with 500 other refugees, their boat is struck and begins to sink...

Bad Kitty Camp Daze by Nick Bruel - Children's, Children's 7-10, Fiction, Humor, Youth Fiction

Square Fish | 9781250294098 | Published December 31, 2018

When Puppy and Baby get a little rambunctious during Kitty's naptime, Kitty gets bonked on the head and starts to believe she’s...a dog. This new dynamic freaks out Puppy, so he’s sent away to Uncle Murray’s Camp for Stressed-Out Dogs to relax with other canine campers. But guess who sneaks along? Still believing she’s a dog, Kitty fits right in. That is until she and Uncle Murray encounter a bear, and then the feline claws come out.

Betty Before X by Ilyasah Shabazz and Renee Watson - Children's, Children's 10-14, Fiction, Historical Fiction

Square Fish | 9781250294180 | Published December 31, 2018

In Detroit, 1945, eleven-year-old Betty’s house doesn’t quite feel like home. Church helps those worries fade, if only for a little while. The singing, the preaching, the speeches from guest activists like Paul Robeson and Thurgood Marshall stir African Americans in her community to stand up for their rights. Betty quickly finds confidence and purpose in volunteering for the Housewives League, an organization that supports black-owned businesses. Soon, the American civil rights icon we now know as Dr. Betty Shabazz is born.

Bloody Times: The Funeral of Abraham Lincoln and the Manhunt for Jefferson Davis by James L. Swanson - History, Young Adult 12+

HarperCollins | 9780061560927 | Published December 31, 2018

New York Times bestselling author of Manhunt James L. Swanson creates an adaptation for young people of his adult book Bloody Crimes, a suspense-filled thriller that sheds light on two fallen leaders of the North and South. One man, President Lincoln, assassinated, on his way to the grave. Another man, the president of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, on the run, soon to be sent to prison. Their actions forever changed the history of a nation.

Just Like Jackie by Lindsey Stoddard - Children's 8-12, Contemporary Fiction, Family, Family Life, Fiction, Friendship, Youth Fiction

HarperCollins | 9780062652928 | Published December 31, 2018

For as long as Robinson can remember, it’s just been her and Grandpa. But Grandpa’s memory has been getting bad. On top of that, she can’t resist using her fists when bullies like Alex make fun of her for not having a mom. Now she’s stuck in group guidance, and to make things worse, Alex is there too. Robbie can't open up some therapy group, especially not with Alex in the room. Besides, if she told anyone how forgetful Grandpa’s been getting, they’d take her away from him. He’s the only family she has --- and it’s up to her to keep them together, no matter what.

Paddington On Top by Michael Bond - Children's, Children's 8-12, Classics, Fiction, Youth Fiction

HarperCollins | 9780062433145 | Published December 31, 2018

What other bear but Paddington could find himself sent home on his first day of school? Or questioned as a prime witness in court? Or taking a crash course in water-skiing? Trust Paddington to follow his nose for adventure, with a suitcase full of marmalade sandwiches in tow!

Science Comics: Polar Bears: Survival on the Ice written by Jason Viola with illustrations by Zack Giallongo - Animals , Children's 9-13, Children's Nonfiction, Environment, Graphic Novel, Natural History, Nature, Nonfiction

First Second | 9781626728240 | Published December 31, 2018

Do you have what it takes to live in one of the harshest places in the world? What if you had just a couple years to gain the knowledge you'll need to survive on your own? Join two curious polar bear cubs as they play, hunt and navigate life in the Arctic. With each season, they learn polar bear biology and behavior, as well as strategies and skills that will help them thrive in a landscape that is rapidly changing beyond their control. Living with super insulated bodies in a world that's melting? For polar bears, keeping cool is the name of the game!