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Danica Davidson


Danica Davidson

Danica Davidson is a writer at MTV who has also contributed pieces for about fifty other publications, including The Onion, CNN, Publishers Weekly, the Los Angeles Times and Ms. Her work at MTV earned her a Webby honor with a small group of writers for Best Youth Writing. She is represented by the James Fitzgerald Agency and her website is

Danica Davidson

Reviews by Danica Davidson

written by Joel Enos, illustrated by Alan Brown - Children's, Science Fiction

For more than five years, Ben Tennyson has been saving the universe with his Omnitrix, which allows him to use the DNA of aliens to take on heroic new forms. But he’s never encountered a challenge quite like this! Teamed up with a new partner, Rook, who seriously needs to relax, Ben investigates the mysteries of a hidden underground alien city and has to battle a new enemy, Khyber, who has only one thing on his mind: hunting down Ben 10!

written and illustrated by James Burks - Children's, Fiction, Graphic Novel

Beep is a robot who hungers for adventure. Bah is a goat who wants to stay out of trouble. When Bah discovers a single sock, Beep knows there's only one thing to do: find its match! Together, Beep and Bah begin a winding journey that takes them up high hills and into the deep ocean. On the way, they'll meet monkeys, whales and angry bears. But will they find the missing sock?

by Jarrett J. Krosoczka - Children's, Fiction, Graphic Novel

The Breakfast Bunch have joined the mathletes team, and are all set to win the championship trophy for Thompson Brook Elementary School --- they only need to beat the defending champs from Willowby Academy. But Lunch Lady notices something strange about the opposing mathletes and their sinister coach.

written by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge with illustrations by SeungHui Kye - Adventure, Fiction, Manga, Science Fiction, Young Adult 12+

When his parents are murdered by an intergalactic criminal, Daniel X vows to take on his father's role as Earth's sole Alien Hunter. Luckily, Daniel has a gift: the ability to create anything he can imagine --- including his parents, his sister and his best friends, who are there to help him along the way.

written by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet, illustrated by Svetlana Chmakova - Fiction, Manga, Young Adult 12+

Imagine waking up to find that the world around you --- life as you know it --- has changed in an instant. That's what happens to Whit Allgood and his sister, Wisty.

written and illustrated by Youngran Lee - Manga
written by Bill Slavin, illustrated by Esperan

Blistering winds. Bitter cold. And the hope of a new future. This is the tale of what it takes for runaway slaves to forge their own paths in a world of obstacles --- and in the midst of the American Revolution.