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Harriet the Spy 50th Anniversary Contest

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Harriet the Spy 50th Anniversary Contest

There are plenty of great spies in fiction --- The Hardy Boys, Sherlock Holmes and James Bond, just to name a few. But one of our very favorites is Harriet M. Welsch from HARRIET THE SPY, who walks around her New York City neighborhood every afternoon with her top secret spy notebook, recording her neighbors' activities and thoughtfully munching on a tomato sandwich.
Although Harriet herself will forever be 11 years old, the book HARRIET THE SPY is actually turning 50 this February! At Kidsreads, we're celebrating by giving away FIVE copies of HARRIET THE SPY: 50th Anniversary Edition, which includes the original story, a map of Harriet's New York City neighborhood and spy route, tributes by such authors as Judy Blume and Lois Lowry and copies of letters between the editor and author.
For this contest, you have until Wednesday, March 19th at noon ET to answer the question: Which literary character would you spy on, and why? 5 winners will each receive a copy of the book and a special spy notebook. We'll post the five winning answers, and the top 10 honorable mentions after the contest ends. We can’t wait to see who YOU select.
Good luck!
Click here to learn more about HARRIET THE SPY: 50TH Anniversary Edition.

Harriet the Spy: 50th Anniversary Edition
by Louise Fitzhugh

  • Publication Date: February 25, 2014
  • Genres: Children's, Youth Fiction
  • Hardcover: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
  • ISBN-10: 0385376103
  • ISBN-13: 9780385376105


Thank you all for entering and telling us which literary character you would spy on...seems like we have a sleuthful bunch of readers! Below you can find the list of winners, and the Top Ten answers!


Alyssa from Oakton, Virginia
Marie from Lincolnton, North Carolina
Rita from Kaneohe, Hawaii
Alyson from Shaker Heights, Ohio
Sandra from Fort Worth, Texas

Top Ten answers: Which literary character would you spy on and why?

1. Mr. Travers from SHILOH to see if he ever does something nice when no one is watching.

2. Stuart Little to see such a small point of view

3. Miss Frizzle so I could see where she buys her zany clothes, accessories and also I wonder what she eats for dinner.

4. Eloise from ELOISE AT THE PLAZA so I can see if she crashes any weddings or parties.

5. Margaret from Judy Blume's book ARE YOU THERE GOD? IT'S ME, MARGARET. I just want to know if Margaret is doing okay and if she is happy.

6. I'd spy on Waldo so that I could find him!

7. I would spy on Curious George so that I could see the world through a beginner’s eyes.

8. Kalinka from THE WINTER HORSES so I could learn more about life in the Ukraine.

9. Anne of Green Gables so I could see for myself the trouble a carrot top can get herself into and out of. 

10. Hagrid from HARRYPOTTER so I can see all the creatures he really encounters