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December 2012

New in Paperback

December 2012

December's roundup of New in Paperback includes PANDORA THE CURIOUS: Goddess Girls, Book 9 by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams, in which Pandora is known around school for her curiosity...what will she unleash?; and Gail Carson Levine's A TALE OF TWO CASTLES, where Elodie becomes the assistant to a dragon named Meenore, and together they solve mysteries.

Beswitched by Kate Saunders - Fiction


Twelve-year-old Flora Fox would do anything not to go to Penrice Hall, the boarding school her parents are shipping her off to because of a family emergency. On the train ride to Penrice, Flora awakens from a nap to find herself transported into the past --- 1935, to be exact. .

Pandora the Curious: Goddess Girls, Book 9 by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams - Fiction



Pandora is known around school for her curiosity, and true to nature when she finds a strange box, she can't  help but to open it. What will she unleash?

Sammy Keyes and the Power of Justice Jack by Wendelin Van Draanen - Mystery


Sammy thought she'd seen all the weirdness her town had to offer --- and then she met Justice Jack, Santa Martina's very own superhero. He's really just a guy in spandex and a mask who rides around town on a dirt bike, hoping to find some crime to fight. The old folks in town have asked him to track down Sammy's neighbor Mrs. Wedgewood, who seems to have disappeared --- along with a lot of other people's cash.

Wolves of the Beyond #4: Frost Wolf by Kathryn Lasky - Fantasy, Children's Fiction


Exiled as a pup, then shunned by his fellow wolves for his unusual connection to the bears, Faolan has struggled to earn a place in the pack. But a terrible danger is looming on the horizon, and Faolan is the only one who knows how to fight it. Unless Faolan can inspire the pack to stand together, it could be the end of the wolves of the beyond.