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March 2012

New in Paperback

March 2012

March's New in Paperback roundup includes HALT'S PERIL and THE EMPEROR OF NIHON-JA, the last two installments in John Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice series, which sees Will and his band of Araluens fending off master Senji warriors intent on overthrowing the emperor; SCORPIA RISING, Anthony Horowitz's final Alex Rider novel, in which the teen spy tries to track down the world's most dangerous terrorist organization once and for all (only this time, he might not get away with it); THE DREAMER by Pam Muñoz Ryan, the enchanting tale of a young Chilean boy named Neftalí, who later becomes the famous poet and politician Pablo Neruda; and CRUNCH, a timely family story about sticking together and never giving up hope, from the award-winning author of WAITING FOR NORMAL.

Closer by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams - Fantasy/Action & Adventure


At long last reunited with his dad, Will now spends his days exploring the "land of the second sun.” Chester, meanwhile, has finally returned Topsoil. But an army of darkness is on the march. And the ruthless Rebeccas have once more cheated death. 

Crunch by Leslie Connor - Fiction


Dewey Marriss is stuck in a crunch. He never guessed that the gas pumps would run dry the same week he promised to manage the family's bicycle-repair business. Suddenly everyone needs a bike. And nobody wants to wait.

The Dreamer by Pam Muñoz Ryan - Fiction


From the time he is a young boy, Neftalí hears the call of a mysterious voice. Even when the neighborhood children taunt him, and when his harsh, authoritarian father ridicules him, and when he doubts himself, Neftalí knows he cannot ignore the call. Under the canopy of the lush rain forest, into the fearsome sea, and through the persistent Chilean rain, he listens and he follows…

Ranger's Apprentice, Book 9: Halt’s Peril by John Flanagan - Fantasy/Action & Adventure


The renegade outlaw group known as the Outsiders has journeyed from kingdom to kingdom, conning the innocent out of their few valuables. Will and Halt, his mentor, are ambushed by the cult's deadly assassins when Halt is pierced by a poisoned arrow. Now Will must travel day and night in search of the one person with the power to cure Halt: Malkallam the Sorcerer.

Ranger's Apprentice, Book 10: The Emperor of Nihon-Ja by John Flanagan - Fantasy/Action & Adventure


A kingdom teeters on the edge of chaos when the Nihon-Ja emperor, a defender of the common man, is forcibly overthrown, and only Horace, Will and his Araluen companions can restore the emperor to the throne. Victory lies in the hands of an inexperienced group of fighters, and it's anybody's guess who will make the journey home to Araluen.

Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz - Thriller/Action & Adventure


Scorpia has dogged Alex Rider for most of his life. They killed his parents, they did their best to con Alex into turning traitor, and they just keep coming back with more power. Now the world's most dangerous terrorist organization is playing with fire in the world's most combustible land: the Middle East. No one knows Scorpia like Alex. And no one knows how best to get to Alex like Scorpia. Until now.

Young Fredle by Cynthia Voigt - Fiction


Fredle is an earnest young mouse suddenly cast out of his cozy home behind the kitchen cabinets --- into the outside. It's a whole new world --- but do the dangers outweigh the thrill of her new discoveries?