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New Picture Books

Every month, our New Picture Books feature spotlights new picture books we think you should know about! Find a book to gift or read to a little on in your life!

January 2017

Start the new year with a pick from our January New in Picture Book roundup! Our Picture Book roundup this month includes EGG by Kevin Henkes, a fun graphic novel where three out of four birds hatch from their colorful eggs and fly away only to return to a big surprise from the other unhatched egg. Second, we have A GREYHOUND, A GROUNDHOG by Emily Jenkins with illustrations from Chris Appelhans, which features an unlikely and exciting friendship between a dog and a groundhog. Finally, our round up comes to an end with Laura Duksta's I'LL HUG YOU MORE, which illustrates the powerful meanings and irreplaceable value of a hug. 

December 2016

Our Picture Book roundup this month includes THE FRIEND SHIP by Kat Yeh, where little hedgehog searches high and low for the friend ship in order to make some friends. Next, Sophie Ambrose's THE LONELY GIANT teaches young readers about the value of the natural world around us. Last, but certainly not least, BABY BRAINS by Simon James tells the story of Baby Brains, who can read the paper, fix the family car, work as a doctor in the local hospital and even go into space.

November 2016

November is a month of change: the leaves change color and fall off the trees and the weather gets colder. Keeping in season, our Picture Book roundup this month includes many books that talk about change. First up is IT IS NOT TIME FOR SLEEPING by Lisa Graff, which tells the story of a boy who changes his mind and decides that it cannot be time for sleeping. Up next is Marla Frazee's THE BOSSIER BABY, the sequel to THE BOSS BABY, where Boss Baby gets a new baby sister. Finally, Keith Baker's book HAP-PEA ALL YEAR shows us just how many changes happen throughout the year by celebrating the months, seasons and holidays with colorful, vivid illustrations.

October 2016

Our Picture Book roundup this month includes WE FOUND A HAT, the conclusion to the celebrated series from Caldecott Medalist John Klassen, in which two turtles find a hat and must learn to share; RADIANT CHILD: The Story of Young Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat by Javaka Steptoe, which shares not only the childhood of a cultural phenomenon but powerful themes about art; and WORDS by award-winning graphic designer Christoph Niemann, which demonstrates all of the possibilities that words can have whilst being a great learning tool for youngsters and grown-ups alike.

September 2016

Our Picture Book roundup this month includes A CHILD OF BOOKS, from acclaimed author-illustrator team Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston, in which beautiful prose poetry shows readers the rewards of reading and sharing stories; THE TALE OF KITTY-IN-BOOTS by Beatrix Potter, which was written in 1941 and has only now been brought to life with illustrations by Quentin Blake; and THE JOURNEY, a haunting but important tale of turmoil, tragedy and the strength of family from newcomer Francesca Sanna.

August 2016

Our Picture Book roundup this month includes RETURN, the final book in Aaron Becker’s highly acclaimed trilogy, in which a lonely girl turns back to a fantastic world for friendship and adventure; LITTLE ELLIOT, BIG FUN by Mike Curato, which follows Little Elliot and mouse as they visit the amusment park and have a lot of fun; and DO NOT BRING YOUR DRAGON TO THE LIBRARY, which asks what might happen when a dragon steps into a library. 

July 2016

Our Picture Book roundup this month includes T.S. Eliot's MACAVITY, just in time for the Broadway revival of “Cats!”; A UNICORN NAMED SPARKLE, an adorable story by Amy Young in which a girl orders a unicorn from the newspaper and receives something unexpected; and THE NOT SO QUIET LIBRARY, a humorous and quirky story from Zachariah OHora about two boys and their weekly trip to the library with their father, which celebrates the power of books.

June 2016

Our Picture Book roundup this month includes FRANK AND LUCKY GET SCHOOLED, Lynne Rae Perkin's story about a boy and his dog learning about biology, fractions and different languages; SCHOOL'S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, a sweet story about a nervous school going through his first day of school by Adam Rex and Christian Robinson; and THE STORYTELLER by Evan Turk, an original folktale that celebrates the power of stories and storytelling.

May 2016

In picture books this month we have THERE IS A TRIBE OF KIDS, Lane Smith's beautifully illustrated story of a boy on a journey for friendship; WE CAME TO AMERICA, Faith Ringgold's ode to the diversities of our nation; and DOUGLAS, YOU NEED GLASSES, a humorous look at man's best (bespectacled) friend from Ged Adamson.

April 2016

In picture books this month we have THE BEST DAYS ARE DOG DAYS by Aaron Meshon, a loving outline of the nature of true companionship complete with Meshon's own added style and flare; HORRIBLE BEAR!, written by Amy Dyckman, in which readers are asked to explore the concept of forgiveness in this engaging story of an angry bear and a compassionate girl; and THE BEAR AND THE PIANO by David Litchfield, in which a talented bear is granted an opportunity that he simply cannot resist, even if it may alienate him from his forest friends.