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February 2017

Series Updates

February 2017

This month's Series update includes some great new continuations to series that we love. Up first, we have BILLY SURE KID ENTREPRENEUR VS. MANNY REYES KID ENTREPRENEUR, the 11th installment in the Billy Sure, Kid Entrepreneur series by Luke Sharpe and illustrated by Graham Ross is out. In this book, Billy Sure and Manny Reyes switch jobs, but Sure Things, Inc. might not have have room for both them. Next we have IN THE TRENCHES, the second in the SecondHand Heroes graphic novel series from Justin LaRocca Hansen, where Tuck and Hudson must take on a villain in their own neighborhood. Lastly, Jessica Day George's Tuesdays at the Castle series continues with the fifth book, SATURDAYS AT SEA, where Celie and her family set out on the high seas on a ship that looks like their beloved castle.

Tour of Trouble (The Sleuths of Somerville) Written by Michele Jakubowski with illustrations by Amerigo Pinelli - Mystery

February 1, 2017

The Tour Across the Land is no ordinary bicycle race. Only the top riders take on the cross-country route and soon they will whiz right through Somerville. The townspeople expect only fun and excitement, but Somerville's young sleuths realize one cycling team has a sinister plan. Will the kids find a way to stop it?

Lola Levine Meets Jelly and Bean Written by Monica Brown with illustrations by Angela Dominguez - Fiction

February 7, 2017


The Levines are finally getting a pet --- a furry one that is. They are excited about adopting a kitty they name Jelly, but they don't get very far in the process when Ben starts sneezing. Oh no, he's allergic! Lola is devastated and sets out to find Jelly a good home. Luckily, Lola is rewarded with a very happy (and still furry) ending!
In The Trenches (Secondhand Heroes) by Justin LaRocca Hansen - Fantasy

February 7, 2017

When Tuck and Hudson return from their first adventure as the superheroes Stretch and Brella, they’re still reeling from the shock of their newfound powers. But there’s no time to slow down. Trench, a supervillain whose powers came from the very same garage sale where Tuck and Hudson found their magic scarves and umbrella, lives around the corner --- and he’s out to get the brother superhero duo. The brothers keep fighting the good fight, with plenty of action and adventure along the way.

Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur vs. Manny Reyes Kid Entrepreneur Written by Luke Sharpe with illustrations by Graham Ross. - Fiction

February 7, 2017

It’s a friendly switcheroo at Sure Things, Inc.! Manny decides to roll out Sure Things, Inc.’s Next Big Thing --- the Candy Toothbrush. Of course every good inventor needs a good CFO, so Billy steps up to the plate. But is Manny a better kid inventor than Billy? And does Sure Things, Inc. have room for the both of them?

Sherlock Sam and the Sinister Letters in Bras Basah by A.J. Low - Mystery

February 14, 2017

An exciting new update of the classic Sherlock Holmes detective stories in which Sherlock is a 10-year-old kid living in Singapore and Watson is his trusty robot companion! In SHERLOCK SAM AND THE SINISTER LETTERS IN BRAS BASAH, our kid detective and his robot are all ready to begin studying at a new international school in Singapore. But when another student begins receiving sinister letters from an anonymous source, Sherlock Sam must use his super powers of deduction to help his new friend.

Omega City: The Forbidden Fortress by Diana Peterfreund - Science Fiction

February 14, 2017


Gillian Seagret is not having a great summer. Her mother’s come back with plans to move Gillian and her brother across the country, and her father is away promoting his new book on Omega City --- without her! Though Gillian and her friends were the ones to find the lost doomsday bunker, no one seems to care about their thoughts on the whereabouts of its creator, Dr. Underberg, or learning the truth about the Shepherds, a mysterious group that will stop at nothing to keep Underberg --- and Omega City --- a secret.
Hilo Book 3: The Great Big Boom by Judd Winick - Graphic Novel

February 21, 2017

Hilo may look like an ordinary kid, but he’s DEFINITELY not! When we last saw Hilo, DJ and Gina, Gina had been sucked into a mysterious portal to who knows where! But friends don’t let friends disappear into NOWHERE! It’s up to D.J. and Hilo to follow her. he trio will have to battle bad guys and face disgusting food, an angry mom, powerful magic and more!

Witch Switch Written by Sibéal Pounder with illustrations by Laura Ellen Anderson. - Fantasy & Magic

February 28, 2017

Young witch Tiga Whicabim is just starting to settle into glitzy Ritzy City when Fran the Fabulous Fairy discovers that Tiga's best friend Peggy has gone missing --- leaving behind only a note explaining that she's “AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES” and evil Felicity Bat is now in charge. Soon after, other witches across town start to disappear. Tiga and her friends set out to investigate and stumble upon an old, unsolved mystery that might just be the reason behind the disappearances. Can the girls use their witchy skills to save their friend and the city in time?

Kid Beowulf: The Song of Roland by Alexis E. Fajardo - Graphic Novel

February 28, 2017

Banished from their homeland, the brothers seek refuge with their Uncle Holger in far-off France, but by the time they arrive, the kingdom is in shambles: King Charlemagne is ailing; his knights have been exiled; and France's hero, Roland, needs a kick in the pants. It's up to Beowulf and Grendel to unite the country before it's taken over by an invading Saracen horde!

Big Nate: What's a Little Noogie Between Friends? by Lincoln Peirce - Graphic Novel

February 28, 2017

Nate Wright’s a winner --- in his own mind, anyway. So when things go wrong, he’s at a loss to explain why. How does his soccer team manage to lose to a school with a sixty-game winless streak?  What’s he doing at the movies on a Friday night...with GINA? And why, oh why is one of his classmates (hint:  she’s Nate’s dream girl) suddenly moving 3,000 miles away?  It’s all enough to make a sixth-grade superstar feel...well, not so super.

FIZZOPOLIS #3: Snoodles! Written by Patrick Carman with illustrations by Brian Sheesley - Fantasy

February 28, 2017

Help! Gone missing: 100,000 bottles of Fuzzwonker Fizz! Harold Fuzzwonker and his best good buddy, Floyd, find Fizzopolis in a state of emergency. No Fuzzwonker Fizz! Only one villainous and crummy candy family could have stolen it: the Snoods. Harold and Floyd go on their wildest mission yet and must rescue all the Fuzzwonker Fizz bottles to save Fizzopolis. Burps everywhere are counting on them!

Pip Bartlett's Guide to Unicorn Training (Pip Bartlett #2) by Maggie Stiefvater and Jackson Pearce - Fantasy

February 28, 2017

Pip Bartlett has a way with magical creatures. But even she's challenged by Regent Maximus, a unicorn who's afraid of everything. With the help of her friend Tomas, Pip has to get Regent Maximus ready for a big unicorn competition-even if Regent Maximus would rather do anything than compete. Making matters worse, someone mysterious is trying to win the competition by cheating-and if Pip and Tomas don't stop the bad things from happening, it's not only Regent Maximus who'll have reason to be afraid.

The Bad Guys in Mission Unpluckable (The Bad Guys #2) by Aaron Blabey - Fiction

February 28, 2017

The Bad Guys next mission? Rescue 10,000 chickens from a high-tech cage farm. But they are up against sizzling lasers, one feisty tarantula and their very own Mr. Snake...who's also known as "The Chicken Swallower." What could possibly go wrong?

Blueberry Pancakes Forever: Finding Serendipity Book Three (Tuesday McGillycuddy Adventures) by Angelica Banks - Fantasy

February 6, 2018


After an unthinkable loss, time seems to freeze for Tuesday and her mother, the famous author Serendipity Smith. In the land of story, Vivienne Small's world is frozen too --- a perpetual winter has fallen. When a terrible villain takes Vivienne hostage, it's up to Tuesday to save her friend --- and herself. On her quest, she'll discover what lies at the bottom of her heart, and at the heart of her writing. Beautifully told with warmth and joy, this great adventure is a celebration of life --- and love.
Simon Thorn and the Viper's Pit by Aimée Carter - Fantasy

February 6, 2018

Simon Thorn only recently discovered that he's an Animalgam --- one of a secret race who can shift into animals. Now, for the first time in his life Simon has real friends to train and study with at the secret Animalgam Academy. The only missing part is his mother, held captive by his evil grandfather, Orion, who's bent on taking over the animal world. To rescue his mom, Simon must head cross-country with his friends, battling rogue Animalgams and their own doubts and torn loyalties along the way. But if Simon's going to succeed, he will need to keep Orion from gathering together the fragments of a terrible weapon, or the lives of everyone Simon loves will be at risk.

Saturdays at Sea by Jessica Day George - Fantasy

February 13, 2018

There is never a dull moment for Celie and her family in Castle Glower --- even when they're not in the Castle itself! After traveling to the seaside kingdom of Lilah's betrothed prince, Lulath, Celie and her companions are busy training griffins, enjoying wedding festivities and finishing construction of a grand ship. But on their maiden voyage, the Ship steers them far off course into uncharted waters. Celie and Lilah hope that the Ship is taking them to the ancient island where unicorns once roamed, but as the journey grows longer and supplies run low, they are in trouble. Celie, Lilah and Rolf know they must trust the Ship as they trust the Castle, but what if they never reach land again?

Tut: My Epic Battle to Save the World by P. J. Hoover - Fantasy

February 20, 2018

Meet Tut! He used to rule Egypt. Now he's stuck in middle school. Having defeated his evil uncle and the Cult of Set, who tried to send him to the afterlife, the perpetually fourteen-year-old King Tut is looking forward to a relaxing summer vacation. But then Tut discovers that his brother Gilgamesh has been captured by the Egyptian god Apep, Lord of Chaos. Gil helped to vanquish Apep thousands of years ago, and now Apep is back for vengeance. It’s up to Tut and his friends, Tia and Henry, to find Gil and stop Apep before he succeeds in his scheme.