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All Summer Long


All Summer Long

ALL SUMMER LONGis the latest offering by New York Times bestselling author Hope Larson.

The graphic novel picks up as Bina, a 13-year-old girl, is getting out of her last day of school in the seventh grade. She and Austin, her best friend, have spent every summer in memory together squeezing the most fun out of every little bit of summer they can --- like literally, they’ve actually come up with a system of documenting and analyzing the fun content of a summer. This year, however, Austin is going away to summer camp, leaving Bina alone for the first time.

"ALL SUMMER LONG’s main strength is a character likeable and flawed enough to keep her very relatable."

The writing, while for a younger audience, deftly manages to not talk down to them and engage older readers as well. The book has a meandering, realistic narrative separated into each week of summer. ALL SUMMER LONG’s main strength is a character likeable and flawed enough to keep her very relatable. While her problems, to an adult, are quite trivial to a child, are everything. This pacing helps reiterate how long a summer can be for a child. ALL SUMMER LONG is a small-scale roller coaster of ups and downs. People drop in and out of Bina’s life. She makes friends, loses them and reconciles with them later. She feels the pain of waiting for her best friends texts that never come, she realizes her dream to start a band after discovering her new favorite one.

The art is adequate. Larson never really pushes the limits of her abilities. Her cartooning is simple and never really gets as creative as it can be. But while the art never really “wows” it does give the reader enough emotion and energy to engage with the story. Bina and her friends look distinct and emotive and the settings are realistic and relatable. ALL SUMMER LONG is overall a great read and is worth a read whether you’re a kid or an adult.

Reviewed by Michael Lee Harris on June 27, 2018

All Summer Long
by Hope Larson