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Elvis & Olive: Super Detectives


Elvis & Olive: Super Detectives

Ten-year-old Natalie and nine-year-old Annie are the best of friends. They met when Annie moved into the neighborhood, in her uncle’s house, after her mom abandoned her. And then her uncle ditched her as well. Now Annie lives with Ms. Hatch, a foster mom who lives next door to where Annie’s uncle used to reside. With all of the horrible family problems Annie has suffered through, she is grateful to Ms. Hatch for looking after her. She is also thankful to have Natalie for her friend. Even though they are very different, Annie and Natalie are a great match. They have a secret club headquarters under the porch of her uncle’s now abandoned house, and they even have code names for each other. Natalie is Olive and Annie is Elvis.

Natalie has finally worked up enough courage to nominate herself for student council secretary at her private school. She has dreamed of this for a long time and is very excited to become secretary, especially the part of running the school store. She is even more excited to learn that her secret crush and neighbor, Steven, is running for council as well. She imagines the two of them working side by side and having a wonderful time. When she tells Annie her news, Annie promises to help Natalie win the election. Part of the nomination process is for the candidate to perform a social service, like collecting food for the hungry. But Annie has a much better idea --- to start up their very own detective agency and to help solve mysteries in their neighborhood. Introducing the E & O Detective Agency!

Natalie and Annie dig right in to find and solve mysteries. They help Ms. Hatch locate her missing shoe, a lost dog find his way home, and a neighbor who is suffering from a memory loss disease. But the mystery most dear to their hearts is a very personal one. Annie is determined to discover where her mom is. She is positive that her mom must have left for a very good reason, and that her mom wants Annie back as soon as possible. Natalie has her doubts, but promises to help Annie find her mom; that’s what friends do. Friends are also there to help pick up the pieces when goals don’t quite go as planned.

The storyline flies by with exciting mysteries, thrilling suspense and even a bit of danger. Many colorful characters make an appearance throughout the story; their unusual and entertaining personalities are charming and memorable. Author Stephanie Watson even slips in some symbolism with Natalie comparing two sides of a coin with the two sides of Annie, the one she lets others see and the one she keeps hidden. Watson also weaves in themes of the importance of liking and relying on oneself, and the need for friendship. The special friendship between Natalie and Annie, and their knack for finding --- and fixing --- trouble, creates an enchanting story that many will love. The Elvis and Olive series is great fun, with lots of laughs and a sweet jab to the heart.

Reviewed by Chris Shanley-Dillman on July 1, 2010

Elvis & Olive: Super Detectives
by Stephanie Watson

  • Publication Date: July 1, 2010
  • Hardcover: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Scholastic Press
  • ISBN-10: 0545151481
  • ISBN-13: 9780545151481