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Geronimo's Valentine, Book 36


Geronimo's Valentine, Book 36

Geronimo is very excited about his Valentine's Day date with his long-time crush, the fabulous and fascinating TV reporter Petunia Pretty Paws. As he begins getting ready for his date with her, his friend Hercule Poirat, the great detective, interrupts Geronimo's extended grooming. Hercule wants help with a cheesecake mystery. But Geronimo will not be deterred. After all, he wants to be the best he possibly can be when he sees Petunia. 

His two-hour primping session is all for naught, however. A pail of rotten fish rains down on his head as he steps from his front door. Then there's the banana peel incident. (I'm sure you can imagine what happens there!) By the time Geronimo gets to the restaurant, Petunia is pretty angry --- even more so when she gets a snoutful of his rotten fish odor. She stomps out. So much for Geronimo's high hopes for a romantic Valentine's dinner. 

He can't even get a good night's sleep. Hercule calls Geronimo at four in the morning, insisting he needs his friend to help with that cheesecake mystery. Geronimo can't deny his buddy, especially since the matter seems so very urgent. Soon, he and Hercule are deep in a mystery involving an intriguing piece of art and the disappearance of an art expert. 

As always, Geronimo gives us an action-filled story, plus some bonuses. In GERONIMO'S VALENTINE, the extras include information about art restoration, tips on how to organize a cheesecake party, and some luscious-looking cheesecake recipes.

Reviewed by on January 1, 2009

Geronimo's Valentine, Book 36
(Geronimo Stilton / Thea Stilton #38)
by Geronimo Stilton

  • Publication Date: January 1, 2009
  • Paperback: 103 pages
  • Publisher: Scholastic
  • ISBN-10: 0545021367
  • ISBN-13: 9780545021364