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Horowitz Horror: Stories You'll Wish You'd Never Read


Horowitz Horror: Stories You'll Wish You'd Never Read

You say you don't believe in haunted houses? You say you don't believe in black magic or evil curses? You say you don't think there are "more things in heaven and earth than man has ever dreamed of"? Well, by the time you finish these stories, you may start believing in haunted bathtubs, haunted cameras and more! To say that nothing good happens in HOROWITZ HORROR is indeed high praise.

In "Bath Night" a cheapskate husband and wife buy a bargain antique bathtub with a dark history they don't know about. Their young daughter, Isabel, doesn't like the bathtub from the moment it arrives. When she goes to take a bath in it, the hot water she draws suddenly turns bitterly cold, and she hears evil sounds from the pipes. Her mother forces her to take more baths until one night she notices blood instead of bath water and sees an evil face in the steamy bathroom mirror. She becomes hysterical (who wouldn't?) and her parents send her off in an ambulance to a mental institution. But that's not the worst part. Isabel turns out to be lucky, because what happens when her father takes a bath is more horrible than anything Isabel experienced.

In another story, a young boy on vacation with his crabby family in Marrakesh buys a dried-up old monkey's ear in the souk. He is told it has the power to grant four wishes. His family, disbelievers and scoffers, laugh at him and put the ear to the test. They make several wishes, but none of them seems to come true. There is however a unique twist --- the monkey's ear is hard of hearing! So it misunderstands their three wishes. (Example: a wish for a Rolls Royce is misunderstood by the ear and it sends a delivery of rolled rice instead!)

Unfortunately for this misbegotten family, the last wish, which the father angrily and inadvertently shouts out, is heard only too well by the deaf ear and is granted. This is one wish that mom and dad have regretted ever since!

Each and every story is worse than the next. If you love horror, as the book says, these are stories you'll wish you'd never read!

Reviewed by Robert Oksner on August 17, 2006

Horowitz Horror: Stories You'll Wish You'd Never Read
by Anthony Horowitz

  • Publication Date: August 17, 2006
  • Hardcover: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Philomel
  • ISBN-10: 0399244891
  • ISBN-13: 9780399244896