Array I Funny by Written by <a href="/authors/james-patterson">James Patterson</a> and <a href="/authors/chris-grabenstein">Chris Grabenstein</a>, Illustrated by <a href="/authors/laura-park">Laura Park</a> | Features | Kidsreads
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James Patterson, author of I Funny

Jamie Grimm is a middle schooler on a mission: he wants to become the world's greatest standup comedian --- even if he doesn't have a lot to laugh about these days. He's new in town and stuck living with his aunt, uncle, and their evil son Stevie, a bully who doesn't let Jamie's wheelchair stop him from messing with Jamie as much as possible. But Jamie doesn't let his situation get him down. He practices the craft of stand-up every day on friends, family, and the willing customers at his Uncle Frankie's diner.

December 2012

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