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Nova and the Charmed Three: Star Sisterz, Book 5


Nova and the Charmed Three: Star Sisterz, Book 5

Ever have your dream come true --- only to turn into a nightmare? That's what happens to Nova Darling when she's invited by Joe, her longtime crush, to join his band. Nova's in seventh heaven, until she realizes that she's not the only one after Joe --- and her rival is fellow band mate Ivy.

NOVA AND THE CHARMED THREE is the fifth book in the Star Sisterz series and the second about Nova. Nova loves everything about being a member of The Charmed Three: the practices, being near Joe, and especially the music. Everything, that is, except condescending Ivy, who acts as though she and Joe were just made for each other. Nova needs to figure out how to untangle the complex three's-a-crowd relationship and find a way for the band members to get along. She better figure it out fast, because The Charmed Three has a shot at an American Idol-like competition that could send them to the finals in Hawaii --- but not if Nova and Ivy can't appear on stage without snarling at each other.

Can Nova reach out to Ivy in a way that will benefit them both? Maybe, if she can solve the mystery of Ivy's sometimes strange behavior. Why does Ivy act so curt and demanding sometimes? And what really happened in the strange little drama that Nova saw play out in Ivy's house, between Ivy, her father and Joe? Only when she sits down and rethinks some of her own assumptions is Nova able to solve the mystery --- and her problem.

NOVA AND THE CHARMED THREE contains the requisite paranormal element of the series --- a strange phrase that appears in a weird place that no one else can see, which prompts Nova to do something surprising --- but as usual in these books, that element is kept very much in the background. Instead, the story focuses on Nova's relationships: with her mother, who has taken up the ballet career she once pushed on Nova; with her best friend Yumi; and most importantly, with Joe and Ivy.

I continue to enjoy this series, and its strength remains in its characters. While the mystery about Ivy is not very complicated, reading about Nova and her dilemma is a pleasure. While Nova definitely learned things in book #1, NOVA ROCKS, and her actions here reflect that growth, I appreciated the fact that her difficulties this time stem --- at least in part --- from similar problems: most importantly, a difficulty in communication. This seems realistic to me, because these kinds of problems are not what most kids conquer in one swoop --- instead they chip away at them, little by little, as they grow older. This focus also gave Nova a connection to the first book, as well as a strong realistic tinge.

Reviewed by Paula Jolin on February 14, 2006

Nova and the Charmed Three: Star Sisterz, Book 5
by Tea Emesse

  • Publication Date: February 14, 2006
  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Mirrorstone
  • ISBN-10: 0786939915
  • ISBN-13: 9780786939916