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Seekers #4: The Last Wilderness


Seekers #4: The Last Wilderness

Kallik is a young polar bear living in the frigid north with her mom and brother. She knows she has a lot to learn before she will be able to survive on her own. However, she isn’t too worried as long as she has her mom to keep her safe and fed. But then comes the accident. Suddenly on her own, Kallik struggles to survive.

Lusa is a young black bear who has lived her entire life in a zoo. She hasn’t had too many worries, as the fences keep her safe from predators, and the zoo keepers feed her every day. And then she makes a promise to a dying friend, a risky promise that requires her to escape the zoo fences. She cleverly manages to do just that. Suddenly on her own, Lusa struggles to survive.

Toklo is a young grizzly bear living near the mountains with his mom and sickly brother. When his brother dies, his mom is so overcome with grief, she chases Toklo away from her. Suddenly on his own, Toklo struggles to survive.

Ujurak is another young brown bear with a few unique talents, including the ability to change shape into other animals. He also receives dreams and can read signs from the spirits. On his own, Ujurak struggles to survive.

These four young bear cubs stumble into each other’s lives and manage to form a unique family all their own. They rely on one another for survival and love as they struggle to complete their quest --- a search for a new home. But they encounter many obstacles and dangers in their path, including all of the sicknesses the wild is suffering, mostly from the hands of humans.

The fourth book finds our four bear friends finally making it to The Last Great Wilderness, a perfect place promising a home with plenty of food and room to roam. All the cubs are excited to have reached their destination after such a long quest filled with danger and heartbreak. Now that they’ve arrived, Toklo’s grizzly behaviors are demanding attention; he feels the need to set out on his own, to define his own territory and do what grizzlies are supposed to do. Kallik, too, feels the call of her polar bear roots and longs to return to the ice. Lusa, on the other paw, dreads the day her new family will break apart and go their separate ways, though she can’t deny her own longings to climb the trees in the forest like other black bears. And then there’s Ujurak, who can’t help feeling that their journey isn’t finished yet. But even he doesn’t understand.

The bear cubs proceed to stumble into a village of humans who have even managed to invade The Last Great Wilderness. But when Ujurak accidentally swallows a fishing lure left by humans and becomes desperately ill, having a human healer nearby may save his life. The others convince Ujurak to change form into a human cub, and they leave him on the human’s doorstep. While Ujurak is healing in human form, he gains some insight into the human world, finds out what this oil stuff is, and realizes that not all humans are willing to destroy the wilderness to get it. But those humans who are desperate for the oil are powerful people indeed, like the visitor called the Senator. When the Senator spies the sick Ujurak in human form, he grabs him and steals him away in his helicopter. Toklo, Kallik and Lusa set out on a dangerous trek right into the center of a human city to save their friend.

Erin Hunter continues to amaze and entertain her fans with vivid, nonstop adventures and colorful characters who have climbed into our hearts. The bear protagonists are growing up a bit, with Toklo feeling his grizzly roots calling more strongly and Kallik longing to return to the ice. All are becoming more comfortable with who they are and more accepting of who their friends are. As always, Hunter writes with an amazing style that brings the wilderness alive in all its beauty and truth. She doesn’t hide the survival part of nature that is sometimes prettied away or masked from sight; our heroes do kill and eat prey to stay alive. Her obvious love and respect for the natural world shines through her words and characters, reflecting onto the readers. She brings attention to the desperate sickness our world has fallen into, but also encourages that one person, with the help of friends, can make a difference.

We look forward to book five of the Seekers series, FIRE IN THE SKY, which thankfully will be releasing in May.

Reviewed by Chris Shanley-Dillman on January 4, 2011

Seekers #4: The Last Wilderness
by Erin Hunter

  • Publication Date: January 4, 2011
  • Paperback: 288 pages
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • ISBN-10: 0060871334
  • ISBN-13: 9780060871338