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Dr. Critchlore's School for Minions


Dr. Critchlore's School for Minions

Written by Sheila Grau with illustrations by Joe Sutphin

A middle grade fantasy novel featuring a werewolf named Runt, who is studying at Dr. Critchlore's School for Minions, the world's finest training program for aspiring minions to evil overloards. But all is not perfect at the boarding school and Runt and his band of monsters must solve various mysteries and think of new ways to keep the floundering school running.

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Dr. Critchlore's School for Minions

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Written by Sheila Grau with illustrations by Joe Sutphin - Fiction, Mystery

Welcome to Dr. Critchlore’s School for Minions, the premier trainer of minions for Evil Overlords everywhere. No student is prouder to be at Dr. Critchlore’s than Runt Higgins, a twelve-year-old werewolf. He loves his classes --- like History of Henchmen and Introduction to Explosives. He loves his friends --- like Darthin the gargoyle and Syke the tree nymph. And he loves his foster family, who took him in when his wolf pack couldn’t. After a series of disasters, each worse than the next, it’s clear that someone is trying to shut the school down. It’s up to Runt, who knows the place better than anybody, to figure out who’s behind the attack...and to save his home, and Dr. Critchlore himself, from total destruction. 

Written by Sheila Grau with illustrations by Joe Sutphin. - Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Juvenile Fiction, Mystery
Someone cursed Runt Higgins to die on his sixteenth birthday, but no one seems to know who cursed him or why. Runt decides he must find the Great Library, where all true knowledge is hidden. Unfortunately, the only people who know the location of the Great Library are a covert network of librarian-spies who’d rather die than give up the Library’s secrets. And when one of Runt’s professors is attacked, it soon becomes clear that others are also out to find the Library at any cost.
Written by Sheila Grau with illustrations by Joe Sutphin. - Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Fiction, Mythology, Science Fiction

Runt Higgins has a long to-do list. He needs to find out who cursed him, and why; he needs to make up with his best friend, Syke; and he needs to pass the Junior Henchman Training Program. That last one? Not likely. Professor Murphy hates Runt and is actively trying to fail him. The only way for Runt to pass the class and stay at Dr. Critchlore’s school is to locate a rare mineral that Dr. Critchlore needs to make an Undefeatable Minion. To find it, Runt must travel to icy Upper Worb and battle gyrfalcons, yetis...and the loathsome team from Dr. Pravus’s school. 

Written by Sheila Grau with illustrations by Joe Sutphin - Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Horror
In the race to create the Undefeatable Minion, Dr. Critchlore’s longtime rival, Dr. Pravus, is winning. As Dr. Critchlore rallies his troops, Runt is kidnapped. As the last prince of Andirat, he must lead the rebellion in his home country. Isolated from his minion friends, Runt grows suspicious of the rebels, who seem to be working with Dr. Pravus. Runt knows he must escape and tell Dr. Critchlore, but reaching him activates Runt’s curse, giving him just days to live! His only chance for survival: Stop Dr. Pravus and win the allegiance of the witch who cursed him. Fortunately for Runt, he knows just the minions for the job.