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Nanny X


Nanny X

Follow Ali and Jake on their humorous adventures with crime-solving agent Nanny X, from uncovering a diamond heist to protecting the nation's treasures.

Nanny X

Books in this series

by Madelyn Rosenberg - Children's

What kind of nanny wears a motorcycle jacket, mirrored sunglasses, and a straw hat with flowers on top? When ten-year-old Ali and eight-year-old Jake find out that this odd woman named Nanny X is going to care for them, they're understandably concerned. Imagine how they feel when she starts speaking into diapers? But wait; could it be that the diapers actually seem to be answering her back? Everything begins to make sense when the kids find out that Nanny X works for NAP, or Nanny Action Patrol, a group of crime busters who use being nannies as their covers.

by Madelyn Rosenberg - Children's 7-10

Something fishy is up and Nanny X, an agent for Nanny Action Patrol, and her young charges plan to investigate in this sequel to NANNY X. In their second adventure, eleven-year-old Ali, eight-year-old Jake and baby Eliza go fishing with Nanny X, only there is something odd about their catch --- it's robotic!