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Nate the Great


Nate the Great

written by Marjorie Sharmat, illustrated by Marc Simont

There isn't a case too great for the one and only Nate. Come to think of it, there really isn't a case too small for him, either.

With help from his friends, his trusty dog Sludge and a few pancake pick-me-ups along the way, Nate the Great uses smarts and smiles to solve the most baffling mysteries that could ever befall a kid in elementary school.

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Nate the Great

Books in this series

by Marjorie Sharmat - Children's 10+, Mystery

Nate and Sludge know they have a real case. Their search for evidence takes them to Rosamond’s kitchen and to a school book sale where a librarian gives them important clues. Can the pancake-eating detective and his bonemunching partner solve their hungriest case yet?