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Next Best Junior Chef


Next Best Junior Chef

Written by Charise Mericle Harper with illustrations by Aurélie Blard-Quintard

Next Best Junior Chef

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Written by Charise Mericle Harper with illustrations by Aurélie Blard-Quintard - Careers, Children's 7-10, Cooking, Fiction
It's “lights, camera, cook!” for four tween contestants --- energetic Tate, charming Rae, worldly Caroline, and hyper-competitive Oliver --- who are all about to enter a televised cooking competition. What will the kids cook up? How will they all get along on- and off-camera? Which junior chef will have the grit --- and maybe the grits --- to make it through each challenge? And which junior chef will have to hang their apron up for good?
Written by Charise Mericle Harper and Illustrated by Aurélie Blard-Quintard - Children's, Children's 7-10, Cooking, Fiction

The competition heats up in episode two of this zesty series for fans of kids' cooking competitions!  With this episode's theme of family and tradition, from a diner challenge to a quinceañera to the farmer's market, the junior chefs will have to sauté their way through the chewiest challenges yet. They're the best in the nation, but can they handle the twists and turnovers week two has in store, on --- and off --- camera? Which junior chefs can stand the heat? And which one will need to get out of the kitchen?

by Charise Mericle Harper - Children's, Children's 7-10, Education, Humor, Performing Arts

Two talented junior chefs have sliced and diced their way into the finale of Next Best Junior Chef. This week's theme: innovation. Which junior chef will rise to the top and earn the title of Next Best Junior Chef? And whose goose is cooked? Two contestants compete on- and off-camera, but only one will win the whole enchilada. This is a finale you won't want to miss!