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Omega City


Omega City

Twelve-year-old Gillian Seagret is a fierce defender of her father, Dr. Sam Seagret, even after his conspiracy theories broke up her parents’ marriage and forced her brother, father and herself to relocate to the small town they normally only visited in the summer. When Dr. Seagret’s work on the mysterious Dr. Underberg is destroyed, both Gillian and her father are devastated. However, they never waver in their belief that Underberg's great battery and other inventions are still possible to discover.

Omega City

Books in this series

by Diana Peterfreund - Adventure, Mystery, Science Fiction

Gillian Seagret discovers a missing page from Dr. Underberg's diary in her father's mess of an office --- a space-themed riddle promising to lead to Dr. Underberg's greatest invention. Enlisting the help of her younger brother, her best friend, and their NASA-obsessed schoolmate, Gillian sets off on a journey into the ruins of Omega City. But they aren't alone inside its dark and flooded halls. For while Gillian wants to save her dad's reputation by bringing Dr. Underberg's secrets to light, there are others who will stop at nothing to make sure they stay buried...forever.

by Diana Peterfreund - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Friendship
Gillian Seagret is not having a great summer. Her mother’s come back with plans to move Gillian and her brother across the country, and her father is away promoting his new book on Omega City --- without her! Though Gillian and her friends were the ones to find the lost doomsday bunker, no one seems to care about their thoughts on the whereabouts of its creator, Dr. Underberg, or learning the truth about the Shepherds, a mysterious group that will stop at nothing to keep Underberg --- and Omega City --- a secret.