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Out of Abaton


Out of Abaton

In a masterful reimagining of PINOCCHIO, John Claude Bemis weaves an enchanting, thrilling adventure for middle-grade readers in the first installment in the Out of Abaton duology.

Out of Abaton

Books in this series

by John Claude Bemis - Children's 8-12, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Science Fiction

When Pinocchio finds himself locked in a trunk and delivered to a new master --- a wanted criminal and alchemist named Geppetto --- he is curious about everything around him. But most curious is the way Pinocchio seems to be changing from a wooden servant into a living, human boy. Pinocchio is stolen away but is determined to find Geppetto again, Pinocchio begins a dangerous, harrowing journey across the Empire. Meanwhile, Princess Lazuli, the daughter of the ruler of a magical kingdom called Abaton, is also on a quest through the emperor's territory. Her father, Prester John, has been captured by the Venetian Empire, and Lazuli is desperate to rescue him. With the emperor's airmen closing in fast, Lazuli learns the only hope for saving her father --- and her beloved home --- lies in Pinocchio and Geppetto

by John Claude Bemis - Adventure, Children's 9-12, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Fiction, Magic

With royal banquets, a regal wardrobe and a whole new set of rules, Pinocchio has a lot to adjust to in his new life as prester alongside Princess Lazuli. But before they can get comfortable, they are interrupted by an unwelcome guest --- a monster! And this isn't just any monster; it's a beast that was imprisoned centuries earlier. Desperate to locate the prison and make sure none of its other monsters were able to escape, Lazuli, Pinocchio and their Celestial Brigade set out to save Abaton. But when Pinocchio tries to use his powers, they have an unintended effect: he is turning back into a wooden automa. And if he's not careful, he may lose his human form forever.