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The Babysitter Chronicles


The Babysitter Chronicles

There are four titles in this set.

Babysitting can be great: cute kids, a chance to be in charge and of course, extra cash! But it doesn’t always go smoothly. Experience the hilarious, crazy, and maddening adventures the manuals forget to mention with The Babysitter Chronicles. Each book features a whole new cast of characters, while sharing a light-hearted tone and popular themes like friendship and new experiences. A glossary, writing prompts and discussion questions make the series a great choice for libraries.

The Babysitter Chronicles

Books in this series

by D.L. Green - Children's 9-12, Family Life, Friendship

Kaitlyn is a top-notch babysitter: she's organized, disciplined and efficient. And she needs her regular babysitting gigs to pay for new clothes, bedroom decor and of course, her cell phone. So when the Sweet family decides to replace her with a new, fun sitter named Doc, she's determined to beat her new competitionif only she could figure out who he is.

by Jessica Gunderson - Children's, Family Life, Friendship, Young Adult 9+

With the start of seventh grade, Olivia's longtime friend, Beth, has found new interests and new friends. Now Olivia thinks if she could just afford the type of clothes that Beth now wears, maybe their friendship could be restored. Motivated by a need for cash, Olivia agrees to babysit for a family of four who recently moved to the neighborhood haunted house.